(Part: 16) Mine (Sidnaaz)

“I am sorry, baby. I will never shout on you, I will try to control my anger and I will try to change myself for you, forgive me.” He cupped her face, his every word were clearly showing how much he loved her. Sana’s love was not changing him, he was changing himself for Sana. He was just trying to become a better person for her.

“Really,” she opened her eyes and asked suddenly, making Sidharth shocked. He instantly came to know that she was pretending to faint down and he freaked out.

“You were shouting on me, I was feeling very bad, I was not feeling good, that’s why I have done this, hero Mujhe bilkul, bilkul acha nhi lagta when you shout on me.” She innocently told him what she felt and after listening to her words, his anger flew away.

“I am sorry, baby that I shouted on you but I was worried for you, if somebody had helped you, I should know about the person. Maybe that person is dangerous for you, please, Sana tell me the truth.” He was explaining her calmly.

“Alia is not dangerous, she is so good, she had helped me in escaping out of this house and I can’t break my promise also, I will not tell Sidharth about this.” She decided to not tell him. He was looking at her with pleading eyes.

“This is the only truth, nobody had helped me, I helped myself, now please don’t ask me again about this because by asking, again and again, the truth is not going to change that nobody had helped me,” she said confidently so that Sidharth would believe her, but she didn’t know Sidharth knew her more than she knew herself.

He stood straight and took a long breath because like this he was trying to control his anger. “Okay, fine, I will not ask.” He stepped out of the room because he didn’t want to argue with him more and Sana was so naive, she became happy thinking that Sidharth had believed her.

At Night, Sidharth was sitting on the sofa and he was doing his work. Sana was lying on the bed and getting scared from a poster which was hanging in front of her bed. She was sleeping, hiding behind the blanket even her face too. But again and again, peaking out of the blanket and seeing the poster. She found the poster scary. It was a poster of lady, standing showing her back, her long hair and darkness of the poster was scaring her.

“Hero,” As she called him in her sweet voice, he instantly looked at her. “I am getting scared of this poster,” she pointed her finger at the poster, her eyes fearful eyes were fixed at him.

“Seriously this is making you scared,” he asked, looking at the poster and she nodded her head like an innocent baby.

He stood up and strolled to her, smiling. He sat beside her. “Sana, this is a normal poster,”

“Yes, I know but it looks like a witch, so horrible, for you, it will be normal, but not for me, please remove it,” She requested him and as her eyes glinted with sadness, his smiled faded away.

“Hey, don’t worry, I am just removing it,” he was about to get up, but before he could, Sana hugged him tightly. He widened his eyes in surprise and hugged her back, having a blissful smile on his face.

“Hero, whenever I am closing my eyes, I am seeing that witch, it is scaring me a lot, please don’t go,” she requested him in crying tone, getting scared a lot of that poster.

“Everything is fine, I am with you.” He caressed her hair with his one hand and from another hand, he rubbed her back. He never in his life console anyone but after meeting her, he got to know how to console others.

Sana felt better and safe in his arms. She hugged him more tightly and got lost in his arms, forgetting about the witch. This is called the magic of love which can take out all fear from inside you.

He came inside after throwing that poster outside. He closed the door and she was looking at him still having some kind of fear in her eyes. Sidharth smiled at her and ambled to her.

“Now are you fine?” he caressed her hair and she nodded positively. “So now sleep well,” he leaned over face and pecked her lips. He kissed her forehead, she closed her eyes to feel his touch. It was heaven for her.

Sidharth was setting comforter over her and he widened his eyes as he heard Sana’s words. “Hero, please sleep with me.”

“I mean, you will sleep on your side and I will on my side, I will feel safe, will you sleep with me hero,” she asked innocently. He smiled and kissed her forehead after leaning over her. She always made him speechless.

He cooed, “Yes, I will baby, anything for you,” he had only and only love in his eyes and a blissful smile on his face.

Sidharth was lying beside her and staring at sleeping Sana, he wanted to take her in his arm, wanted to sleep in her arms, but he wouldn’t do this without her permission.

Next movement, she fulfiled his wish by coming close to him, wrapping her hand around his waist, burying her face in his chest, she slept. A blissful smile spread across his face and he hugged her back and kissed her hair. Sleeping in the arms of the person whom you love is like heaven on the earth.

“I don’t want to sleep tonight, just wanted to feel you in my arms whole night, it is heaven for me, I’m loving you more and more, with each passing day, with each passing minutes, with each passing second. Even I am changing in your love and I am feeling good.” He was constantly kissing her face.

Next morning

Sana woke up and tried to move, but realised Sidharth was sleeping hugging her tightly because he had caged her, his legs were entangled with her legs and his hand was wrapped around her waist. She felt good to be in his arms and hugged him even tighter.

“Sidharth, Sidharth, wake up, I have to go washroom,” as she tried to wake him up, he hugged her tighter.

“Baby let me sleep, I want to sleep in your arms more, “as he said, Sana made an angry pout and kicked him on his leg to wake him up.

“What the hell Sana?” he freaked out after getting up and she hid her face with her palm.

She removed her palm from her face and looked at him, “I am sorry.” Sidharth was looking at her, having smile on his face. Her cute face and her cute antics always did magic on him.

“I need to the washroom.” She climbed down the bed and rushed to the washroom. She closed the door and Sidharth was just laughing, seeing her like an idiot.

Sana came downstairs after getting ready and ran toward the Dinning area cheerfully where cabir and Mukti were already sitting. “Hi Didu,” she said while hugging Mukti, smiling brightly.

Mukti also hugged her back said, “Hi sweety, how are you now?”

“I am perfectly fine, Didu,” she had a bright smile on her face.

“Hi, Cabir Bhai.” She said after looking at cabir.

“Hi,” he smiled at her.

“I am feeling hungry, where is breakfast,” she said like a baby, moving her hand on her tummy. Cabir and Mukti smiled at each other seeing her happy.

“Bhukh lagi hai khana do, bhukh lagi hai khana do (I’m hungry, give me food.)” She started singing the song and beating spoon on the plate for music. Cabir and Mukti were laughing seeing her this act.

“Didu, you know when Mumma got late in bringing food, I used to do this, I missing them a lot.” She looked down sadly. Mukti and cabir also became sad. Sidharth also heard this standing at stairs and he too became sad.

“Bhukh lagi hai khana do, bhukh lagi hai khana do.” Cabir started singing to cheer up her and mukti also joined him. Sana was now laughing seeing them and she also started singing again.

They all stopped singing as they Sidharth, standing in front of their eyes, crossing his arms around his chest. He was glaring at them like they were doing any crime a few minutes back.

“Why did you all stop after seeing me?” He asked after sitting beside Sana and she smiled at him, showing him all her teeth. Cabir was about to say something, but before that Sidharth made all of them shocked.

“Bhukh lagi hai khana do, bhukh lagi hai khana do “Sidharth also started singing in the same they were singing, Sana also joined him. They were laughing at each other cheerfully while Mukti and cabir were looking at Sidharth in shock and couldn’t able to digest that he was the same Sidharth who liked the discipline. Sana was changing him for good. Before he didn’t enjoy life, but after meeting her, he was enjoying life.

Stay blessed

Love Mehak

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