(Part: 81) Mine (Manan)

It was night time and Nandini still didn’t open the door. She was trying to sleep, roaming across the room, doing everything to pass the time but every minute was like an hour for her and an hour for her was like one day. She started crying at night, she was not in a habit of living without Manik. She had been sleeping without him for four days.

“Please hubby, come na please, I need you, I am missing you.” She was murmuring this like a prayer and tears are constantly trickling down her soft cheeks.

She had been eating very less for three days worrying about Manik and today she spent the whole day without food and water by locking herself in the room to save herself from the Monster. She was feeling dizzy and weak. Her throat became sore and her mouth became dry became of crying constantly.

She instantly looked at the door, scared as somebody knocked at the door.

“Nandini, it’s Navya, open the door.” As she heard Navya’s voice, a slight smile touched her lips because she was feeling lonely and wanted someone with whom she could pass her time because spending time without Manik, it was getting difficult for her. She hurriedly jumped down from the bed and opened the door.

She immediately pulled Navya into the room by grasping her hand. She locked the door while Navya put the plate of food and a bottle of water on the table.

“Navya, thank god you came.” She hugged her tightly and sighed with profound relief. “You know, how much I am missing Manik, please Navya do something.” She implored in a crying tone after breaking the hug. Navya looked at her, having guilt in her eyes.

“I am sorry, Nandini, I brought you in this hell, I am sorry. I was scared because I know he can do anything, he blackmailed me, he doesn’t think for once to shoot anybody, he sent me the video where he pointed the gun at Manik.” Navya was feeling guilty now for bringing Nandini here.

“But, he was in the police station, then how Aman reached there?” Nandini asked confusingly.

“Nandini, Aman’s men, they had kidnapped Manik, the police were fake, not real, but don’t worry, Nandini, I overheard Aman talking to somebody that Manik escaped out.” She was a bit relieved after knowing that her hubby is safe.

“Nandini, this is all my fault, I shouldn’t have taken you in this hell. Aman is mad, he can do anything, I should have thought before taking you here.” She was regretting badly now.

“Navya, it is not your fault, he forced you, please don’t be sorry and don’t worry, Manik will surely save us. I have full trust in my love, instead, I want to say thank you for saving my hubby’s life. I can bear anything for him but will never put his life in danger.” Her every word was showing that she loved Manik unconditionally.

After that, Navya fed food to Nandini from her hand own hands like her elder sister. She also told so many things about Aman that after the death of their parents, at the age of sixteen, he joined the Mafia gang and after two years, she came to know about all this and she begged him to leave all this, but Aman started torturing her. After two years, she ran away and never contacted him.

“Nandini, I should go now, if Aman comes to know that I am here, he won’t leave both of us.” Navya wanted to stay with her, but she was afraid to stay with her because of Aman. Nandini pouted dejectedly.

“Please, Don’t go, I can’t sleep alone at night.” She requested, staring at Navya with her sorrowful eyes.

Navya agreed because she couldn’t deny her request. “Okay, I’ll leave early in the morning. I have brought fruits too. Please eat when you wake up in the morning.” She gave her a slight nod.

They both lay down, Nandini hugged Navya tightly and hid her face in her chest and started crying mutely because she was missing Manik and also she was scared to lose him because like this she had lost her parents when Manik had kidnapped her. Tears trickled down from Navya’s cheeks mechanically after seeing her condition and she murmured”sorry”

She hugged Navya tighter and trembled with fright as she heard the sound of the opening of the door from outside. Navya also got scared and hugged Nandini more tightly staring at the door with fearful eyes. As expected Aman was standing in front of them, giving them deadly glares. Navya was staring at him, afraid.

“Navya, how many times I have to tell you that, you are not allowed to meet her.” Both Navya and Nandini shivered as he shouted like an Animal on Navya. “I think, you forgot, what happened when someone doesn’t listen to me.” He marched to the bed, clutching his fists. Nandini hugged Navya more tightly, getting scared.

Within a second Navya was out of the bed because Aman yanked her away from Nandini by grasping her arm. Nandini shockingly looked at Aman having fears in her eyes.

“How dare you came here without my permission?” He yanked her hair with one hand and from his other hand, he slapped Navya on her face two times. Navya cried out in pain.

Nandini gasped with fear. She became hell scared seeing this and clutched the mattress. No one had ever treated like this to anyone in front of her eyes, she was seeing the darkest side of this world and that was a big shock for an innocent girl like Nandini, but there was more to come.

“Answer me, why did you come here?” He asked, clenching her jaw and digging her nails into her skin.

He raised his hand to slap her again but stopped as Navya finally spoke up, stammering. “I-I ju-ju-st came here to… give food to her.” Her lips were quivering with fright. She was also crying in pain.

He smiled evilly when he succeeded to get his answer. He left her hair and as he gave her a hard slap, she fell on the floor and his forehead hit the floor.

“Navya…” Nandini shrieked and rushed to her, but when she was about to bend down, Aman stopped her by holding her arm. She was just staring at Navya because she was scared to look at Aman.

“Please, don’t hurt her, Aman, beat me how much you want, but please don’t hurt her.” Navya begged, she was in pain but still she was thinking about Nandini because she knew Nandini would die if Aman tortured her. Nandini was just crying silently.

“Don’t worry, my sweetie sister, I had no plans to hurt my future Wife.” He said after turning Nandini toward himself and traced the tip of his finger from her temple to chin. Nandini closed her eyes and fresh tears rolled down her cheeks. “But if she doesn’t listen to me, I will be forced to hurt her.” He clutched her arms.

“Open your eyes.” As he ordered, she instantly opened her eyes because he made her scared like hell. “Now will you listen to me or not.” He asked giving dangerous looks to her and she nodded her head immediately. Aman grinned devilishly on his victory because he succeeded in making Nandini scared.

“Now go to your bed and sleep.” He ordered her after leaving her arms. She hastily lay down on the bed, hugging her knees and crying sadly in pain. After that he dragged Navya out of the room, holding her arm, Nandini flinched in fear when Aman left from there after slamming the door.

“Please, god send my hubby here, I am scared. Aman is very cruel, he beats his sister and now he will touch me and I won’t be able to stop him because he will hurt me if I don’t listen to him. Please god listen to me, I badly need him, I want to hug him and craving to sleep in his arms.” She fell asleep praying to God because she was extremely tired.

After three days

Three days were extremely painful and difficult to spend for both of them. Three days were like three ages for them. They both didn’t sleep properly, just wondering when they would meet. Luckily Aman didn’t come to meet Nandini these days because he went on one mission. Only a maid came and leave after giving food to her three times a day. Nandini was feeling so lonely, no one was there with her, with whom she could talk. On the other hand, Manik was like a mad person finding Nandini day and night.

Cabir stepped into the house, having a smile on his face. Manik, Mukti and Abhi, were sitting in the room, despaired because after three days also, they had no clue about Nandini. Manik was losing all the hopes and dying a bit by bit wondering about Nandini. His soul trembled with fear whenever he thought about what Aman would be doing with his baby.

“Why you all sitting sad, it’s time to celebrate.” As Cabir said like a mad person, Mukti and Abhi looked at him in shock, but Manik didn’t look at him, he was sitting silently and staring at Nandini’s photo on his phone. He was only physically presented there but his mind, heart and soul were just lost in the thoughts of Nandini.

“Cabir, have you lost it? Do you know what are you saying and where you were for the past three days?” Mukti asked after marching to him.

“It doesn’t matter.” He said and strode toward Manik.

“Bhai, don’t worry, today Aman himself will give your Nandini back to you.” He said confidently after placing his hand over Manik’s shoulder and this time, Manik also looked at him in shock.

“What are you saying, Cabir? Have you lost it, this is not the time for your jokes.” Mukti chided him.

“Wait, let me show you something.” He said and switched on the LED TV.

“A six years old boy has found missing this evening from the hostel, Shimla.” He showed them the news, but they were confused that why he was showing this to them.

“That boy is Aman’s son who has been kidnapped.” As he told them, they widened their eyes in shock. They immediately understood that Cabir was the only one who had kidnapped that boy. Manik stood up in shock, hearing this.

“Don’t tell me that you have kidnapped him,” Abhi asked in disbelief and all waited for his answer.

“Since two days, I had been thinking about what I could do, so that Bhai will get his Nandini back and we will get our cutie-pie back. Then suddenly I recalled once Navya told me about his brother’s son that she goes Shimla to meet him. She also told me that her brother and his wife are no more. Bhai, I never knew that Navya is the sister of Aman. Please forgive me.” He apologised guiltily.

Manik was about to say something but stopped as his phone rang up. He took out his phone, it was the call from an unknown number. He picked up the phone and put it on speaker because somewhere he knew that It was Aman’s call.

“Where I have to come, I am ready to give your Nandini back and whatever you want, but give me my son back.” Aman said as soon as Manik picked up the phone. They all smiled slightly and glanced at each other.

“Hahahaha.” Manik laughed loudly and Aman was controlling his anger for his son. “If you hurt my Nandini, then I promise I won’t regret to shoot your son with my own hands.” Manik warned him sternly.

“Manik…”Aman shouted in anger.

“I am messaging you the address, meet me there and I want her fine.” He disconnected the call and looked at Cabir.

“Cabir, thank you so much for giving me a hope. That day I just said those words in anger, you are like my son, Cabir and today you proved that how much you love me.” Manik hugged Cabir, smiling with a profound relief because after three days, at last, he finally could see the light at the end of the tunnel. He got a hope to get his baby back.

How do find the update?

How do you find Cabir’s plan?

Love Mehak

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