(Part: 86) Mine (Sidnaaz)

Sidharth came inside when Doctor was lying down Sana on the bed. He stood beside her. She held his arms tightly digging her nails as the Doctor inserted the needle in her hand.

“Baby, are you fine ?” Sidharth asked after cupping her face. She just nodded her head, he kissed her forehead and gave her a faint smile.

“I’m so sorry, hubby that I am giving blood in weakness but I had no other option, I want to save Navya at any cost, she is suffering because of me. Aman wanted me but instead of me she got hurt badly.” She wondered, staring at him guiltily.

The more blood she was giving, the more she was becoming weak. After some time, the Doctor removed the needle and ask a nurse to give fruit and juice to her. She was feeling dizzy because of weakness.

“Baby, what happened? Aren’t you fine?” Sidharth asked anxiously as he noticed she was trying to open her eyes forcefully.

“Hubby, I, I am fine.” She murmured difficultly and made Sidharth more worried.

“Doctor…” he shouted for the Doctor and a nurse immediately came toward them.

“What is happening to her?” Sidharth asked the nurse, he became hell worried for her. He could feel that there was something wrong with her.

“Hubby,” she whispered and became unconscious. He was shocked.

“Sister, What happened to her, why she fainted down?” Sidharth asked apprehensively and that time only Doctor stepped inside.

“I was fearing about this only.” Sidharth looked at her confusingly.

“What do mean Doctor?” Sidharth asked, bemused.

“Before giving blood, I warned her that it could be dangerous for her because she was already weak.”Sidharth breath got stuck in his throat after listening to her words.

“Why did you never think about yourself, Sana? It is my mistake, I shouldn’t have permitted you to give blood, somewhere I knew that you are weak, it is all my fault, if something happens to you, I will never able to forgive myself.” He murmured, looking at unconscious Sana when Doctor was checking her. Tears were constantly trickling down his eyes. He couldn’t see his baby in pain.

He flared up. “I doubt you, whether you are really a Doctor or not because a doctor saves the life of people but you have put my wife’s life in danger, why didn’t you inform me before?” Sidharth shouted at Doctor taking out all his anger on him.

“Mr Shukla, relax, she will be fine soon, because of weakness she fainted down, she will gain her conscious back within a few hours.” Sidharth got his breath back after hearing her words, he signed with relief.

“Never do that again with me.” He murmured, holding her hand after sitting beside her and kissed her knuckles while still crying. He was crying because he couldn’t see his baby in pain.

“She is out of danger now.” The doctor announced the good news after coming out of the ICU. Listening to the doctor words, Cabir got his breath back. Mukti immediately hugged Cabir.

“See I told you, she will be fine,” Mukti said after breaking the hug. Khushi and Mukti reached the hospital immediately when they got to know about Navya. Abhi and Arnav were with Aman and making him suffer like hell, they all didn’t want to give him easy death, they wanted to make him suffer till his last breath.

Sidharth came outside to ask about Navya leaving Sana alone. He decided that he won’t tell that Sana donated blood after risking her life, he didn’t want to tell anybody about this because already they all were tensed for Navya and he didn’t want to make them more worried.

He asked, “How is Navya?”

“She is out of danger now and this happened because of our cutie pie, where is she?” Cabir asked about Sana.

“She is sleeping.” He lied, rubbing his temple and came to her room.

Arnav and Abhi were sitting and enjoying the show when their men were beating Aman with hunter and he was hanging upside down, his screams were giving them relief.

“Kartik will be hungry, I am coming after giving him food.” Arnav went to check Kartik after saying this. He entered the office and found Kartik sleeping on the couch. Arnav felt bad for the poor child, he was suffering because of his father without any fault.

He sat beside him and after a few minutes only Kartik woke up after seeing a bad dream.

“What happened to you?” Arnav asked after taking him in his arms.

“Uncle, they will kill me, they will kill me.” Kartik was just saying this after seeing a bad dream.

“No one will kill you, bacha, you are fine.”Arnav tried to console the scared kid by clasping his face.

“See I have brought tasty tasty lunch for you, aren’t you hungry?” Arnav asked, showing him a packet of food, Kartik instantly nodded his head cutely putting a hand on his tummy. Arnav smiled at his cuteness. Then he arranged the food on the plate and started feeding him after making him sit on his lap.

Sidharth was sitting beside Sana holding her hand and staring at her. Finally, she gained her conscious back.

“Hubby.” She was trying to open her eyes.

“Baby, I am here.” He placed one hand on her face and another hand was entwined with her.

“I’m sorry, hubby. I,” opening her eyes, she apologised for her mistake but before she could complete her sentence, he shushed her by placing his finger on her lips.

“For the last time I am leaving you but dare if you again try to put your life in danger, I don’t know what I will do.” He warned her strictly and his words clearly showing his concern and love for Sana.

“I am sorry, I won’t, Sana promise.” She said cutely, putting her hand on his face. He finally smiled broadly after getting his cute baby back because he was dying to see his cute baby.

“You know, how much I got scared when I came to know, you donated the blood when the doctor warned you that you couldn’t donate because of weakness.” He told her. For him, her life was most important than anything else in this world.

“I know, but I had no other option, I just wanted to save Navya at that moment.” She was telling him her point of view and then she recalled about Navya. “Hubby, how is Navya, is she out of danger?” she asked worriedly.

“Yes, only because of you, she came out of the danger and I am sure she will be fine very soon because she had a friend like you with her.” He said proudly and kissed her forehead, she smiled and closed her eyes in response.

“Hubby, but I am shocked and feeling like crying.” As she uttered in a crying tone, he became worried.

“Why now my baby is upset?” He asked after cupping her face.

“How could a brother hurt his sister like this?” She asked in utter disbelief and a lone tear rolled down her cheek. He immediately wiped her tear and she raised her body to hug him.

Sidharth was about to make her understand about bad people, but he widened his eyes in shock as she screamed suddenly. “Hubby…” Then she burst into tears.

“What happened to you suddenly? Are you feeling pain somewhere? Did I hurt you?” He asked anxiously after clasping her face, he was feeling pain in his heart because she was continuously crying and after hearing her next word, his heart stopped beating.

“Hubby, I can’t move my legs.” She cried more badly after saying this and Sidharth looked at her horrifyingly.

What do you think, what happened to Sana at the end?

How do find the part?

Love Mehak

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