(Part: 25 I’m Pari) Fallen For Vampire (Manan)

“Manik, if they were the immortals and most powerful person on this earth, then how did they die?” I asked in shock.

“Because they had one weakness.”

“Weakness?” I asked cluelessly.

“Yes, they had a weakness. I have read about them. They couldn’t bear the low temperature. It made them weak. I think somebody took this advantage to kill them.” He was telling me about Pari and I was listening to him keenly.

I curiously asked, “but who killed them?”

“This is still a mystery. Nobody knows who killed them.” He told me in a serious tone and I made O mouth.

“So you think, I’m Pari?” I asked, raising my brows.

“I’m not sure. Tell me more about your powers. I just want to confirm.” Now he asked, becoming curious.

“Oh my Sherlock homes, we’ll find the truth about me later on because we met after such a long time,” I encircled my arms around his neck and moved closer to him. “And I don’t want to waste the first day of our togetherness in discussing this.”

We were gazing into each other intensely and my heart was racing. His warm breath was caressing my face and sending chills down my spine.

“What you want to do, Angel?” He asked in a husky tone after yanking me to himself by grasping my waist. He smirked at me.

I moved closer to his ear. “I want you to make me yours forever and ever.” I breathed in his ear and ignited desires in him.

As suddenly he pinned me against the nearby wall to kiss me, the wall cracked and we gasped in shock.

Again the credit goes to my power. Disadvantages of becoming strong. Now I had so much strength that I can break the wall also, unbelievable.

The door opened and Mukti and Cabir dashed into the room, anxious. “Is everything alright?” Cabir asked concernedly and they both looked at the cracked wall and the broken bed in shock.

“I did this.” As I told them, they moved their eyes toward me. Cabir made O shape mouth in amazement, understanding that this happened because of my powers and Mukti was staring at me in shock.

“Who are you?” Mukti asked dubiously.


We all were sitting in the hall, I told Mukti everything and Manik told them about his doubt that I’m Pari.

“Wow, I’m amazed to know this. You’re the strongest creature of God, Nandini. You have the power to end all the evil vampires, especially Katrina who tried to hurt.” As Mukti took the name of Katrina, Manik’s eyebrows creased in worry.

“No, Mukti, I’ll never let Nandini fight with her. She is extremely dangerous.” Manik sternly denied it, he was concerned for me. I clasped his hand and squeezed it. As he looked at me, I blinked my eyes. He stared at me worriedly.

“But Manik, she is more powerful than her. Paris were born to protect the world from evil souls.” Cabir tried to explain him.

“Cabir is right, I have gifted with this power for some important purpose and I’ll fight and end the evil souls, specifically that Katrina. I won’t leave that bitch.” I wondered. I was so determined to end Katrina for making Manik suffer so much.

“But still it is not confirmed that she is Pari or not.” Manik found an excuse to stop me from fighting because he was afraid. He wanted to protect me.

“No, I’m confirmed, she is Pari.” Cabir said with confidence.

“How can you be so sure?” Manik asked him suspiciously, narrowing his brows.

“Because of her powers, only Pari has the power to fight with the vampires. Manik, you have to understand, only she can kill that bitch Katrina. We have been yearning to kill her since so many years and now we finally found the person who can fight with her.” Cabir tried to convince Manik.

Manik suddenly stood up and stated sternly, “no, I’ll never let Nandini put her life in danger.”

I also stood up. “Could we please discuss all this later on? It is time for celebration. Manik is finally fine now and I’m so happy. Please, don’t spoil this day in discussing the person whom we hated the most.” I said because I really didn’t want to spoil this day. I was happy after such a long time. I was really feeling like celebrating this day to the fullest.

“You’re right, Nandini, it’s time to celebrate.” Cabir whooped excitedly. Manik was still standing there anxiously.

I stood in front of him and entwined my hands with him, gazing at him fondly. “Manik, relax, don’t think about her. At this moment, I’m with you, just enjoy this moment, forgetting about your all worries.”

His lips lifted to a small smile. “I love you so much, Angel.” He leaned down and placed a kiss on my forehead. I closed my eyes and a blissful smile flashed on my face as his lips touched my skin.

He suddenly clasped my face and captured my lips in front of Mukti and Cabir. As his lips met mine, I just forgot about the surroundings, I felt incredible. He set my whole body on fire. I grasped his hair and kissed him back hungrily. Now he was roaming his hand all over my body. The touch of his hands and the kiss was arousing me. I wanted to feel his lips all over my body. Every inch of my body was craving for his touch and my soul was yearning to combine with his soul and become one forever.

“What type of connection is this? So strong and unbreakable.” I wondered.

“I’m craving to make you mine, Angel.” He breathed after the kiss. I was still under the spell of our mind-blowing kiss.

“What are you waiting for? Make me yours, Manik.” I whispered, gazing into his eyes passionately.

“Before all this, I want to tell you something, maybe after this truth, you will be hurt and hate me, but I don’t want to keep any secret in between us.” As he uttered, his eyes glinted with guilt and I widened my eyes in shock.

“Now What more?” I thought, but I was sure about one thing that I would never hate him.

“No matter what is the truth, I’ll never hate you,” I stated with full confidence after cupping his face.

So what do you think, about what truth Manik is talking about?

Don’t forget to leave your precious comments, they mean a lot to me.

Love Mehak

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