(Part: 5 Abduction) {Manan} Mafia’s Badass Girl

One week passed with a blur, she remained busy with her blogging and business. She is a fashion blogger and the owner of a fashion company. She works hard five days nonstop and on weekends she party hard and enjoy her life to the fullest.

It’s Friday night and she’s lying in her lavish bedroom. She’s only in black lingerie, looking sexy and her brown hair is tied up in a messy bun. Her room colour theme is white.

She’s wondering about Manik, “ I have been longing to see Mr handsome from a week. Should I visit his club again? I’m not scared to visit his club again but I’m just confused.”

“Why shouldn’t I visit his other club.” She grinned and grabbed her phone to search about his clubs.

“Wait, I don’t even know his name?” When she was about to type on google, she realised that she doesn’t even know his name.

“First I should search about his club which I visited last week to know his name.” She typed, ‘who is the owner of red dot club?’ And tap on the search icon.

Her eyes shimmered and a smile flashed on her face as she saw his hot photo. He’s looking damn handsome in the photo also. She moved her eyes down the photo where his name is written.

“Manik Malhotra.” She read his name and smiled widely, gazing at his photo with desires in her eyes.

Then she searched about his other clubs.

“He owned so many clubs.” She uttered in shock after seeing the list of the clubs owned by him.

She decided to visit one of his clubs tomorrow and fell asleep after seeing his photos and setting the wallpaper of his photo on her phone.

On the other side the Mafia boss, Manik Malhotra isn’t understanding why he’s thinking about the most annoying girl again and again. He’s frustrated, not knowing why this is happening to him. He’s standing on the balcony bare chest, only in black trouser and drinking, his brows are knitted. Deep inside he’s dying to see her again which he’s not understanding and this feeling is making him restless.

The next day Nandini visited saloon for her manicure, pedicure, hairdo and lots of other things.

Now at night, she’s getting ready to visit his club and expecting to catch his glimpse after a whole one week. She’s wearing a black bustier top with tight-fitting black pants and applying hot red lipstick, sitting in the lavish dressing room in front of a huge mirror. She clicked her sexy mirror selfie and posted it on Instagram with the caption ‘Work hard but never forget to party hard. #party-hard.’

She reached his other club. People are dancing crazily to the loud music and she’s standing at the bar counter with the glass of scotch in her hand, her eyes are desperately searching for her Mr Handsome. Many guys approached her for the dance but she sassily denied everyone.

Coincidentally Manik also reached there for a meeting. He’s striding to his private cabin and three men are walking behind him. He abruptly stopped on his way as his eyes fell over the hot woman standing at the bar counter. His eyes glinted with profound desire and he gazed at her from head to toe.

“Control on your desires, Manik, she could be a spy.” He said to himself in his mind.

“After my warning, how dare she again visited my club? Today I won’t leave her. This girl is seriously testing my patience.” Now he glared at her in aggression, clenching his fist.

“You all go and I’m just coming.” He instructed his men.

Her eyes glinted with happiness as finally, she saw him. Her lips stretched to a broad smile and her heart danced with joy inside her.

He marched to her, glaring at her in fury. He seized her wrist and dragged her to an empty cabin.

“What are doing here after my warning? Now I’m sure that you’re spying on me.” He bawled and pointed the gun at her.

“My answer is still the same, I came here to your club deliberately because I wanted to catch your glimpse and luckily my wish fulfilled again.” She smiled at him, raising his anger.

He frowned at her. “You’re testing my patience, Miss Kapoor.” He clutched the pistol tighter. He’s hell frustrated because she’s not getting afraid of him and he’s angry with himself more that why he’s not shooting her.

“And you’re turning me on with your hotness.” She bit her lower lip erotically and he rolled his eyes, annoyed.

He put the gun down and moved dangerously close to her face, placing his hands either side of her face on the wall. They both gazed into each other intensely and their heartbeat accelerated because of their proximity. His warm breath is caressing her face and sending the chills of desires down her spine. He’s taking her breath away from her with his hot look and intense gaze. As she lowered her gaze to his sensuous lips, she craved to taste them.

Somebody from far away captured their photo.

“If I see you again near to my any of clubs, I’ll shoot you without asking anything.” He warned her again.

“Oh, I’m so horrified.” She said sarcastically. He just stared at her in disbelief.

“Now get lost.”He moved away from her and slid his pistol back into the pocket.

“See you soon, Mr handsome.” She waved at him, smiling before walking out of the cabin.

He shook his head and murmured, “this girl is something else.” Then he left to attend the meeting.

He stopped at the door of his private cabin as his phone rang up. The security guard on the phone informed him that he saw somebody clicking their photo in the CCTV footage. His brows creased after knowing this. He became anxious for Nandini, but he didn’t understand his emotions, because for the first time in his life he became worried for somebody.

“Now anybody can use her to take out our information. What if she knows any information about us and gives it to them. I need to find that girl as soon as possible.” He gave reason to himself why he is protecting that girl. The real reason is that deep inside he cares for her and he has developed a soft corner for her.

A man came in front of Nandini’s car and she instantly applied the brake. She thought he’s Manik’s man and he has again come to interrogate her. She stepped out of the car herself and walked to him.

“So you again came to interrogate me.” She asked when two men grasped her arms harshly and started dragging her to their car.

“I’m ready to come with you myself, why are you forcing me?” She tried to come out of their strong grips.

“Shut up, keep your mouth shut. You’re irritating us.” One of the men growled at her.

“You leave my hands, I’m saying I’m ready to come with you.” She barked at them.

“Are we fool that we will leave your hands, so that you can escape?”

“Now don’t blame me for this.” She kicked one of the men’s crotch.

The men cried out in pain and the other man slapped her hard on her face two times continuously. “You bitch.” She understood that they are not Manik’s men by their behaviour. She glared at them, boiling with anger. They dragged her to the car.

“Where are you taking me?” They are tying her limbs and she is struggling. They are five, therefore she couldn’t able to fight with them, but she tried her best.

“You bastard, leave me,” they shut her mouth by putting the tape on her mouth and roughly pushed her into the dickie of the car before closing it.

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