(Part: 15 Missing Each other) {Sidnaaz} Mafia’s Badass Girl

Shehnaaz is sitting in the hospital room on the sofa. Her Aunt is still unconscious, lying on the bed. She’s staring at Zia, her eyes are filled with guilt. She is devoured by remorse as because of her, her Aunt suffered. She couldn’t believe that Sidharth did this with Zia just to show her that he’s evil. She’s feeling like killing him. She is hurt and angry both at the same time. When he was saying to her that she would regret it, she wasn’t believing it but she’s really regretting it because her Aunt is in the hospital bed.

After some time Zia regained her consciousness. Shehnaaz is now sitting beside and looking at her with her eyes filled with remorse.

“I’m sorry, Auntie that you have to face all this because of me.” She apologised, genuinely guilty.

“It’s okay, Shehnaaz, you didn’t know that who is he. I’m glad that we both are fine.” Zia said, placing her hand on her face.

“Auntie, I’ll take the revenge of doing this with you.” She said and her eyes glinted with anger.

“No, Shehnaaz, he is very powerful. You just please stay away from him now. I don’t want him to do anything to you in future. Please.” She requested her.

“Auntie, you have only taught me to always fight back and now why are you stopping me?” Shehnaaz asked in disbelief.

“Because he can do anything with you, Shehnaaz.” She clasped her hand and implored, “for me, just stay away from him, please.” She looked at her pleadingly.

“Only for you, I’m leaving him. But in future, if he tries to hurt you, I’ll kill him.” She stated, staring straight in anger.

“By the way, why didn’t you inform me that you’re coming to meet me.” She asked her.

“I want to surprise you but at the Airport only, they kidnapped me.” Zia told her.

She again apologised, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, Shehnaaz. I’m fine.” She squeezed her hand slightly.

She hugged Zia and uttered, “I missed you a lot, Auntie.”

“I missed you too, sweetheart.” Zia hugged her back and as they pulled apart, she kissed Shehnaaz’s forehead.

On the other side, Sidharth is sitting on the sofa, staring straight, lost in deep thoughts. He is already missing the badass Girl, but he wants her to stay away from her because he’s dangerous for her. He did all this not because he wanted to prove to her that he’s evil, he did all this because he wants to keep her safe, away from her. He cares for her and wants to protect her at any cost. He also asked his few men to secretly protect her.

“You did wrong, Boss.” Mike’s voice brought him on the earth back. He’s standing in front of him.

Sidharth raised his head to look at him and stated, “Mike, I know what I’m doing. It is right for her.”

“She will hate you now.”

“It doesn’t matter to me, everyone hates me and I want her to hate me only because I’m dangerous for her.” He uttered with no emotion.

“But,” He paused as Sidharth showed him his hand.

“Leave me alone, Mike and don’t dare to tell the truth to Shehnaaz. I know you both talk to each other.” He instructed him sternly.

“Don’t worry, Boss, your every secret is safe with me.” Mike said and left out his room.

“What are you doing to me, you badass girl?” Sidharth muttered in frustration because he’s only thinking about her.

A week passed with blur. They both kept themselves busy with work, but they both are terribly missing each other and they are profoundly irked because they can’t take each other out of their mind. Shehnaaz is hating herself for thinking about him and for missing him. After what he did with her Aunt, she’s still craving to see him. She’s hell frustrated that what is happening to her. She wants to hate him, but can’t. She is missing his presence. It is getting hard for both of them to concentrate on their work.

Sidharth’s men have been searching for the person who had captured his photo with Shehnaaz and finally, they found him.

“Boss, we have captured him. He’s in the torture room.” Mike informed Sidharth.

Sidharth reached the torture room and started beating that person with the rod, fuming in anger. That person is hanging upside down, only in a boxer.

“How dare you click my photo and give it to my enemy?” He barked at him, grasping his jaw roughy.

The person smiled evilly. “Now you can’t do anything, I have already given the photos to all of your enemies. Now nobody can save your lover because everybody is behind her.”

Sidharth because angrier and hit him hard with the rod, shouting, “you’re dead.”

“Beat him till his last breath.” He ordered one of his men before marching out of the room. Mike followed him.

“Shehnaaz is not safe out, I have to bring her here again.” He said to Mike in serious tone. He is anxious for her.

“But she won’t come, Boss, she hates you.”

“I will bring her here at any cost because I don’t want anybody to kidnap and torture her again.” He stated with determination.

Sidharth reached his mansion with his men. He strode inside and asked his men to stay out and wait for him.

When the guard stopped him at the main door, he showed him his gun. He marched inside and stopped as his eyes fell over her. She’s sitting in the hall, holding the glass of wine, looking profusely attractive in a red hot dress like always. He felt like he got his breath back seeing her after a week. For a few minutes, he kept gazing at her, forgetting about the whole world.

Her eyes widened in utter surprise as she looked at him.

“Are you really here?” She asked in disbelief, sitting straight, looking at him incredulously.

He came on the earth back after listening to her words. “Yes, I’m real, Miss Gill.” He answered, striding to her, his intense gaze is fixed at her which is making her crazy.

She scowled at him as soon as she recalled what he had done with her Aunt. She stood up and asked in anger. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m here to take you with me and you’re coming with me.” He stated sternly.

She scoffed, “and you think, I’ll come with you. Did you forget that how you had tortured my Aunt?” She glared at him, clenching the glass of wine.

“Your life is in danger and you have to come with me.” He ordered her.

She put the glass of wine on the table and waggled her finger at him. “Listen I’m not your slave that I will comply with your orders. I’m still not scared of you. I can protect myself from you or anybody else.”

This time her words didn’t make him angry, he just gazed at her, highly impressed. He is in love with her sassy attitude. She never fails to amaze him with her bravery and fearlessness.

He stayed silent and moved closer to her, accelerating her heartbeat.

“If you force me, then I’ll beat the shit out of you.” She warned him.

“Oh, I’m scared.” He said sarcastically, moving away from her.

She clenched her fist and punched him hard on his face, making him shocked. He stared at her darkly, fuming in anger.

She raised her hand to hit him again but this time he grasped her both hands. They both stared at each other intensely, their eyes are filled with immense anger. He walked behind her and gripped her both hands firmly at her back with his one hand.

He is gliding his other hand up into her dress, stroking her milky white thigh and arousing her desires. Her body is shivering and her inner thigh is throbbing for his touch, her eyes are closed and her breath is becoming heavy. Her body is on fire, and she badly wants to feel the touch of his hands and lips all over her body. She is craving for him.

He nuzzled her hair and inhaled her intoxicating scent. She’s utterly lost in his magical touch and he’s lost in her fragrance. “I really missed the heavenly fragrance of your exquisite body.” He breathed in her ear in the heat of the moment and took her breath away from her.


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