Monster’s Bride (Part: 3 His Perfect Acting) Sidnaaz

Fab4 are sitting at the bar counter of Sidharth’s house.

“Sidharth ji, Sidharth ji, how are you feeling after meeting that girl?” Cabir asked teasingly as they were watching them through CCTV cameras of restaurants.

“I felt like I was sitting in jail.” Sidharth said after gulping his red vine.

“Anyway, she is completely uneducated and typical small town girl.” Mukti curled up her lips in hatred.

“And she is innocent also, poor girl.” Alia said and smiled evilly.

“And we’re gonna take the advantage of her innocence,” Cabir smirked.


Then Sidharth impressed Abhi also and he agreed for their marriage. Abhi has no clue that he is doing a big mistake in his life as he is sending his sister to hell himself.

Now they are having a party because their plan is getting successful.

“You also impressed the bloody Abhi, so our first step toward our revenge accomplished.” Cabir squealed, smiling devilishly, sitting holding the glass of scotch.

“By the way, Sana is very innocent, I mean you said to her that you want to marry her and she instantly agreed.” Alia shook her head and laughed evilly.

“She’s my fan, trapping her was easy but that bloody Abhimanyu, he directly rejected me.” Sidharth knitted his brows in anger, clenching the glass of wine. Mukti also frowned.

“But how did you make him agree?” Cabir asked and everyone looked at him curiously.

Then he told them how he impressed Abhimanyu.


Sana opened the door of her house and her eyes twinkled and lips stretched up to a broad smile as she saw Sidharth on the door.

“Sidharth ji, come inside.” She welcomed him. He passed her a tight-lipped smile before stepping inside.

They walked to the hall.

“Sana, I came here to talk to your brother about our marriage.” As Sidharth told her, her smile grew bigger and her eyes glinted with happiness. For a few seconds, he got lost in her pretty smile. He shook his head and ignored this like always.

“Sachi? Aap yha bathiye, mein bhai ko bulati hoon. (You settle down here, I just come after calling Bhai.)” She said merrily, her heart is jumping inside with joy.

“Be happy as much as you want for now but after the marriage, I’m going to snatch your smile like your brother snatched my sister’s smile.” Sidharth murmured to himself, staring at Sana who is going upstairs to call Abhi.

Sana came downstairs with Abhi, smiling gleefully. She is extremely happy that she is going to marry her dream man, but the poor girl is unaware that they are playing an evil game with her innocent heart.

As Sidharth saw Abhi, he frowned, recalling how his sister was crying because of him but he composed himself by taking a deep and plastered a smile on his face.

“Hello, Mr Gill.” Sidharth stood up from Sofa and held his hand out to Abhi.

Sana is just gazing at Sidharth, smiling dreamingly.

“Hi.” Abhi shook his hand with a serious look on his face.

Then they both settled down in the hall. Abhi looked at Sana and said, “Sana, I have to talk to Sidharth in private.” She left after nodding her head meekly without questioning him even for once.

“I have heard a lot about you. You became popular in only one year. That’s a great achievement.” Sidharth praised him, inside he’s burning in anger.

“I have also heard a lot about you, Mr Sidharth Shukla. You’re a great singer but you have no value for people in your life. I know everything about you, you left your parents, after knowing this how can I expect that you will take care of my sister and never leave her.” Abhi taunted Sidharth and indirectly rejected him. Sidharth’s smile faded into a frown and he clenched his fist.

“Sidharth, relax, don’t make the situation worse, you have to take revenge, so calm down.” He took a deep breath to control his anger.

“Abhimanyu, you have heard right about me, but since the day my eyes fell over your sister, I started changing and I didn’t come to know how and when I fell in love with her. I really want to spend the rest of my life with her. She’s different from others, she’s so innocent and such a pure soul. I don’t want to lose her and I’m ready to do anything for her.” Sidharth tried his best to impress Abhi with his words. Sana is standing upstairs and listening to their conversation. She fell in love with him even more after listening to his confession.

“I don’t trust you, I want proof that you really love my sister and you will take care of her.” Abhi said still not believing his words. Sana pouted sadly and wondered now what Sidharth would do.

“Love doesn’t need any evidence but you want to see my love. Okay, then. I’m ready to show you how much I love her and what I can do for her.” Sidharth stood up and took out the small bottle of poison from his pocket. Sana’s eyes widened in horror.

“I’ll die here only if you don’t agree with our marriage because I can even die for her without any regrets,” Sidharth said in a serious tone, opening the lid of the poison bottle, he is doing a perfect acting. Sana palmed her mouth in shock. She is so innocent that she isn’t understanding his acting but still Abhi wasn’t convinced.

Sidharth was about to drink the poison, but Sana rushed to him and stopped him by holding his hand. She asked him, “Sidharth ji, aap yeh kya kar rhai hai?(What are you doing?)”

“Don’t stop me, Sana because your brother wants proof of my love. So let me show him what I can do for her.” He pushed her away and tears started trickling down her innocent eyes mechanically. She doesn’t know she is crying for a monster.

She walked towards Abhi, crying. “Bhai, please man jayea na iss shaddhi ke liye varna voh jehar le lenenge. (Please, permit us to get marry or else he will kill himself by drinking the poison.)” She pleaded innocently, not understanding the evil plan of Sidharth.

“Please, Bhai, rok lo na inhai mere liye. Please, I beg you.” She begged for a monster by joining her hands in front of her brother. She doesn’t know that she is doing a big mistake. Abhi’s heart melted seeing his sister crying.

“Okay, I’m ready for this marriage for you only. Please stop crying.” He cupped her face and gently wiped her tears with his thumbs. So for his sister, he also agreed to the marriage, not knowing he is going to regret it. Sidharth smiled from inside as his plan succeeded.

“Sidharth, if Sana loves you and you love her, so I’m ready for this marriage. I’m sorry that I thought wrong about you. Actually, I care for her a lot as you know she’s such a pure and innocent soul.” Abhi said, encircling his arms around her shoulders and Sana smiled at him contentedly. She is blessed to have a brother like him in her life.

“Bhai, I love you.” She hugged him, smiling gleefully and he kissed kisses her hair.

“Abhimanyu, I promise that I’ll always keep her happy and I won’t let her cry.” Sidharth promised him and Abhi smiled at him.

And inside his mind, he thought, “happy my foot, I’m going to make her life living hell and gonna make her cry every day so that you will realise your mistake of hurting my sister.”

Flashback over

“Sidharth, you’re such a great Actor.” Cabir said and his lips curved up to an evil smile.

“By the way, were you really going to drink that poison?” Mukti asked in a concerned tone.

Sidharth placed his hand on her face and shook his head. “No sweetie, it was just acting.” Mukti sighed with relief.

“Well great job Sidharth, you made her fall so much in love with you in only one day that she begged her brother for you.” Cabir praised him.

“Poor girl doesn’t know that she was begging her brother to send her into hell.” Alia said and gave a high five to Mukti. They all burst into laughter except Sidharth. He is staring straight with a serious look on his face, lost in deep thoughts.

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