Desire To Control Her (Part: 4 I’m affecting her) Sidnaaz

Max’s P.O.V.

I’m extremely angry with my submissive ‘Lara’. This time she has done a huge mistake.

I brought her to the room of the BDSM club. She is in a lingerie set. Still, her eyes are looking down. She is so a perfect woman and obeys my every order. She is the best submissive I ever found but for the first time, she has disappointed me as a submissive.

I took out the ropes, flogger, clamps, tape and vibrator band from the bag. I kept them on the bed and walked toward her.

I grasped her jaw and pulled her face up to make her look at me. “Do you remember your safe word as you gonna need it for tonight because I’m very angry?”

“I’m sorry, Master.” She apologised guiltily.

Then I ordered her to lie down on the bed after removing her undergarments. I tied her wrists and ankles with the bedposts in X position. I pinched her nipples before attaching clamps to them, she winced in pain but today I’m not going to show any mercy over her because she has hurt me a lot.

Then I turned on the vibrator and placed it on her vagina. She tried to close her legs but couldn’t as her ankles are bounded to the bedposts. I tapped the vibrator with her thigh so that it stayed over her clit. I stood beside her and picked up the flogger. She looked at me with her moist eyes. Today this not gonna work on me.

“Lara, tell me why I’m punishing you?” I asked her before hitting the flogger over one of her tits.

She screamed in pain and answered me, “because I make out with somebody else…” she again shouted as I hit her again.

“And?” I asked, continuously hitting her busts.

“And when you asked me, I lied to you, Master…” she whimpered in pain as now I hit her pussy after removing the vibrator.

“Didn’t I satisfy you enough, Lara that you went to another man to satisfy you?” I yelled at her, I’m hurt and angry both at the same time. I’m hitting her pelvis continuously, taking out my anger on her.

“I’m sorry, Master. Please, forgive me. I will never do this again,” she apologised, crying hysterically.

I stopped hitting her and vigorously rubbed the vibrator against her clit. Now she moaned loudly in pleasure.

“After tonight, you won’t hurt me because I’m breaking my relationship with you.” As I declared, her eyes widened in shock.

“Master, please, don’t do this. Please, punish me more and take out your anger on me but please don’t leave me. Please, Master.” She begged me.

I hurled the vibrator and started opening her. “You can leave now and never show me your face.” I barked at her after removing the clamps from her nipples.

“Please, Master, forgive me. Give me one more chance.” She sobbed.

“I said leave, Lara.” I roared at her, making her flinch. She stood up, crying and started wearing her undergarments.

I removed my shirt and threw it over her face. “Go out, wearing this.”

She looked at me pleadingly but I averted my eyes.

“Master, I’ll wait for you.” She left after saying this.

Maybe I can forgive you Lara because I can’t live without you.

Sana’s P.O.V.

I woke up the next morning and recalled the last night. I fucking can’t believe that I talked to a Dom last night and shared my thoughts with him.

I picked up the phone and I saw his message notification on my lock screen. I unlocked the phone and opened the message.

Sidharth: Good Morning, Butterfly.

A smile flashed on my face automatically. What is happening to me?

Me: Good Morning.

I replied to him and after keeping my phone I went to the kitchen.

I’m making morning coffee for myself, standing in the kitchen and somebody hugged me from behind. I know who it is.

“I’m so sorry, Sana, please talk to me.” Eve apologized to me sweetly. I removed her hands and turned around, smiling.

“Hey! Eve, don’t apologise. You didn’t know that this would happen in the club with me. You just want me to experience something new. At night I didn’t talk to you because my mood was off.” I told her everything. I’m not angry with her because it wasn’t her mistake.

After listening to this, she gave me a cute smile and hugged me tightly again.

“I’m so happy that you’re not angry with me now.” She said and broke the hug. She took my coffee mug.

“Make more for you.” She said while drinking it.

“And yes today I won’t come to the cafe with you, Dev is taking me on the date today.” she told me in excitement.

“Wow, enjoy babes.”

She squealed, “yeah. I’m so excited.”

Then I came back to my room and checked my phone. I received a message from him.

Sidharth: Could we meet?

Really? We just talked a bit last night and he thought I would meet him.

No ways.

I showed the middle finger to his profile photo.

Me: No. I’m not interested to meet you.

Then he didn’t reply and I went to the bathroom.

He asked me like a gentleman to meet him, I think I shouldn’t have denied it like this. He was just asking me to meet him.

I’m thinking, standing under the shower.

No, I did right by denying it because I know his evil intentions. He just wants to make me his submissive and this is never going to happen, not even in his dream.

Sidharth’s P.O.V.

What is she? Girls run behind me and here I’m asking her to meet me and she doesn’t want to meet me.

What kind of behaviour is this?

This Girl is so damn challenging. I have to work hard on her but I’ll surely make her my submissive and control her as I love challenges in my life.

I got ready and went to meet her.

So what she doesn’t want to meet me, I’ll meet her at any cost because what I want, I get it no matter what.

I reached her cafe to meet her. I know she owns this cafe and works here with her friend, Dev had told me this.

I stepped out of the car after wearing my sunglasses. I walked into the cafe. I looked around and then my eyes stopped at her.

My God! She’s so… I don’t have a proper word to describe her beauty and hotness. She is wearing a white tank top tugged in a high slit skirt. Her sexy long legs and her cleavage is arousing me. I just got lost in checking out her. Seriously, this woman is something else and attracting me so much.

She turned around and bent over the counter to do something on the laptop. Fuck! Her round hips, I felt a sudden urge to squeeze them and spank them.

When I will get to do this?

I shook my head and strolled to her.

I placed my hand over her shoulder, controlling my urge of touching her hips. She turned towards me.

“Hello, Butterfly.” I waved my hand and her eyes widened in surprise.

“What are you doing here?” She almost shouted at me and the workers looked at us.

“I have come to meet you.” I smiled at her.

“Let me remind you that I denied you.”

“So what? I wanted to meet you and I came here.” I shrugged my shoulders.

“Will you please go, I’m busy.”

“I won’t go until you talk to me.” I nodded in no and she rolled her eyes.

Attitude! When she becomes my submissive, then I’ll never let her show her attitude to me.

“Fine. Let’s sit somewhere.” She agreed and I grinned like a kid.

Then we settled down in the corner seat beside the glass wall. The sun is shining outside and but her face is shining brighter than the sun.

“You’re wasting your time over me, Sidharth. I’m not that kind of girl which you like.”

“How do you know that what kind of girl I like?” I asked her, raising my brows.

She shrugged her shoulder. “You’re Dom, so you want a girl whom you can control.”

“I already told you that it’s not just about controlling only. It’s much more which I want to tell you.”

She gave me weird look and said, “want to tell me? Why? I’m not interested, I have already told you.”

“But your thinking is wrong about BDSM and I want to change.” I moved closer to her and said, taking her breath away from her.

She closed her eyes as my breath creased her face. So I’m affecting her, that’s something good. Now it will get a bit easy to make her agree to what I want from her.

“But I’m not interested in your free offer of changing my thinking about BDSM. Do you want to say something else or I should go?” She said in anger.

I know she got angry because my closeness affected her.

“Why are you getting angry?” I asked and smirked.

“Why do I tell you? It’s my anger, what’s your problem? Do I have to take your permission to get angry? Who are you?” She shouted and I stifled a chuckle, scratching my upper lips with the knuckle of the middle finger.

I placed my hands on her bare arms, she paused and shivered as an electric current passed down her spine when I touched her. I’m just liking the way she is reacting to my touch.

I again moved closer to her and whispered, “relax, butterfly.” She stared at me silently like an innocent kid and I smirked, raising a corner of my upper lip and tilting my head.

I’m just a few inches away from her face. We both are gazing into each other eyes intensely. She has child-like eyes filled with innocence and they are captivating too, and she has luscious thin lips which are damn alluring. I wanna taste them one day.

“Sana Mam.” A girl’s voice startled us and I moved away from her.

She looked at the girl and asked, “what?”

“There is some problem in the account. I want you to check it.”

“Okay.” She nodded and stood up.

“Sidharth, I think our conversation is over, right?” She asked me, moving her eyes to me.

I stood up and said, “I’m leaving for now but I’ll surely come to meet you again.” I winked at her.

She rolled her eyes and left with that girl. I stared at her ass, the way they are slightly bouncing when she is walking to the counter. This girl is making me insane.


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