Desire To Control Her (Part: 7 His Touch)

Eve’s P.O.V.

We are going back home after our perfect date. When he is with me everything seems so perfect to me.

First, we watched a romantic movie and then he gave me a surprise on the beach, I just loved the decoration, it was so beautiful. Everywhere lights and candles, it was so romantic, we had dinner, we danced and made love. It was like a dream date for me.

I love my man so much. I’m falling in love with him a bit more every day.

I’m thinking all this, gazing at his perfect face while he is driving the car and his concentration is on the road.

“Baby, if you stare at me like this, I will lose control over myself and kiss you hard.” He said, making me blush hard. He glanced at me and said, “so stop distracting me, baby.”

“I love you, Dev.” I confessed, holding his hand and put my head on his shoulder, smile isn’t leaving my face.

He is my happiness.

After ten minutes we reached his house.

Now it’s time for my punishment. I’m excited. His punishments irritate me but in the end, he gives me immense pleasure.

So basically! Now my perfect boyfriend time is over and my perfect Master time has begun.

I love them both. One gives me happiness and the other one gives me pleasure.

He hastily pinned my hands against the wall above my head and kissed me hard like a hungry animal as we stepped inside.

“Strip for me, baby.” After moving away from me, he ordered me in a dominating tone. I instantly started removing my clothes and he was eating me with his intense gaze.

“Show me your sexy body.” I walked around him to show him my body and he bit his lower lip sensuously. The way he did this, turned me on.

“Now follow me, my bad girl.” I followed him.

He entered the red room and I walked behind him.

“Kneel, my submissive.” He ordered me, pointing at the floor and I knelt before him.

Uff! I love his dominating side. He looks hotter in this side and his this side excites me more.

He opened the two drawers. “Close your eyes, baby!” I closed my eyes instantly.

What’s going on in his evil mind?

After a few seconds, he ordered me to open my eyes and I saw two tools on the table. I can’t able to see them clearly because I’m on my knees and the table is up. I tried to see them, then only he slapped on my both twins slightly and I jumped on my place.

“Have I asked you to see what is on the table? ” He asked me in a stern tone.

“No, Master. I’m sorry.”

“Now be my good girl.” He bent down and took my lips in his mouth and moved away from me immediately.

“So today I’m giving you the chance to choose your punishment.” His words rising my excitement and I’m staring at him in anticipation.

He went towards the table and picked up one tool and showed me. It’s a riding crop and I don’t like spanking tools that much, that’s why he has chosen this to punish me.

“You have the first option the riding crop.” He smirked at me.

Now I’m eagerly waiting to see my second option.

He showed me the second option ‘the vibrating dildo’

Hell no! I’ll never choose this one as I just like him to be inside me, not any dildo.

“So the choice is yours, baby girl,” he gave me an evil smile.

My evil master!

The second option is more worst than the first option. So I’ll go with the riding crop.

Oh, God! Save me from this man today.

“Tell me which option you are choosing for your punishment,” he asked me, giving me evil smile.

“The first option, Master.” I answered him.

“I knew it already, baby girl that you would choose riding crop.” Then he held both devices and exchanged the position of them. Now my first option is vibrating dildo and the second option is riding crop.

Holy fuck!

“Master, please don’t punish me with this one.” I begged him.

“You chose yourself, it’s not my mistake,” he grinned devilishly.

“You’re so unfair, Master.” I pouted sadly at him.


“In the morning I want to see you in the dress which I gifted you and you changed, so now I changed your punishment. So I’m not unfair with you, you deserve this punishment, my bad girl”

“Master, please!”

“One more word from your mouth and it will only increase your punishment. Take your punishment like my good girl.” He warned me in a stern tone.

“Okay, Master.” I don’t have any other option, so I shut my mouth and agreed.

“Stand up and kneel on the table.” He ordered, I complied.

“Spread your legs wider for me.” I splayed my legs as much as I can and he moved his hand on my pussy and I moaned softly. He removed his hand from there.

I want him.

“You have to wait to have me today,” he went from there and came back with ropes and handcuffs. He stood behind me and handcuffed my wrists behind my back.

“Is it comfortable to you, baby?” He asked me.

My caring master!

“Yes, Master.”

Now he rolled the rope around my right thigh and leg two times and tied the note. Then he tied the end of the rope with the ring attached to the nearby wall. He did the same with my left leg and now I can’t close my legs and can’t even move also. It’s turning me on.

“You’re liking it, baby,” he said while moving his hand over my wet pussy.

“Yes, Master.” I moaned in pleasure.

“You’re so wet, baby girl.” He said before pushing his one finger into me and I moaned loudly.

He took out his finger and now he added two fingers into me. I want to move my legs but I can’t move them. He started fingering me with his two fingers, rubbing my clit with his thumb and I’m moaning in immense pleasure.

He stopped doing what he was doing at that moment only when I was about to cum.

He is so so bad!

“It’s time for your punishment, baby girl.” He stated and hold the vibrating dildo in his hand, smiling devilishly at me. I looked at him with a scary expression. I don’t want him to use this on me.

“Trust me, baby, you’ll enjoy this punishment.” His word took away my all fear like magic.

“I trust you, Master.” I smiled at him and he smiled back.

He now moved the vibrating dildo up and down my pussy and turned it on high, it started vibrating and giving me pleasure. Now he stopped it on my most sensitive part, my clit and I moaned in pleasure, jumping.

He turned off the dildo vibrator and started easing into me slowly and slowly. I want to close my legs badly but this rope is my biggest enemy today.

“Master!” I screamed and closed my eyes shut when he shoved the full dildo deep inside me. He took my breath away.

“Just relax, baby girl, and enjoy it.” His soothing words relaxed me.

“Now I turning on the vibrator, just feel it,” he said and this gave me goosebumps all above my body. When he turned it on, I felt like he set my whole body on fire.

I think today I’ll die with so much pleasure.

“Baby, open your eyes and look into my eyes.” He ordered in a soft voice now and I opened my eyes to look into his deep grey eyes and try not to close them.

“Master!! You’ll kill me today with pleasure…” I moaned when he started moving the dildo slowly slowly inside me.

Oh god! I’m so close.

“Cum for me, baby,” he said, fastening the speed of in and out. I’m moaning crazily in profound pleasure, shaking my head. I’m feeling like my whole body is vibrating, this is so intense.

He is driving me insane with extreme pleasure.

“Master…” I came hard on the dildo and closed my eyes. He took out the dildo from me and put it on the table.

He opened my hands and came close to me. I rested my head over his shoulder, panting, I have no energy left.

“I got you, baby.” He said softly, caressing my hair.

“You drive me crazy, Master,” I said in low voice, exhausted.

“I love to drive you crazy, baby.” He said and kissed my forehead. He opened my legs and scooped me in his arms. He took me to his room, I closed my eyes and listened to my favourite music, his heartbeat.

Anna’s P.O.V.

The next Day Ethan again came to my cafe. Thank God Eve isn’t at the cafe today also. Last night he had irritated me. Seriously like a ghost, he’s following me.

I glared at him and he winked at me.

Now I’ll fully ignore him and let’s see for how long he will take my ignorance and won’t leave.

To my shock, he didn’t come to me, he sat on the corner seat.

He’s checking me out. Why today I’m wearing a deep cut top and so short skirt.

I wish I had worn Burkha today. He’s ogling at my cleavage only, his lips are drawn up into a wide grin. How shameless he is?

A waitress was standing beside me and suddenly my eyes fell on her scarf. I stared at her scarf like it’s my prey. I hastily snatched it from her neck and hid my cleavage. The waitress stared at me in shock but I don’t care.

“Now what you will see, Monster?” I thought, grinning at him with triumph.

“I’m sorry, I need this. I’ll pay you for this.” I said to the waitress. She nodded and started doing her work.

Now also he is staring at me.

God! I want to kill him. Why his presence is affecting me this much?

Forget him and continue your work Anna.

I took a deep breath and started doing my work again.

I glanced at him to see if he is still staring at me. He again winked at me and laughed. For a few seconds, I got lost in him. I won’t lie he looks so adorable when he laughs. His laugh is so pretty that it brought a smile to my face automatically and filled my heart with joy. I found some kind of peace in his laugh, peace in him for the first time.

I shook my head and again got busy with my work. But now also I’m feeling like his eyes are fixed at me only. He’s distracting me.

I again did the mistake of looking at him and found him biting his lower lip, looking at my legs. Oh, God! The way he clenched his lower lip between his teeth, I felt like to bite and suck his lips hard. My imagination is going wild.

Fuck! What is wrong with me? What the hell I’m thinking? How can I think this? With him, I’m also becoming shameless. I should stay away from him, his presence is seriously spoiling me.

But the truth is that he is irresistible and very very attractive and so fucking hot. Just look at him, he is the perfect creation of God.

When he grins, he looks so sexy and Oh, my God when he winks, my heartbeat accelerates. Last night when I saw him shirtless, I couldn’t able to sleep the whole night. So many wild thoughts kept revolving in my mind which I don’t even want to share with myself.

And his proximity drives me insane, my body paralysed when he comes close to me.

Why God? Why he has to be dominant? Why he is not a normal human being?

For the first time in my life, I found a guy so attractive and this happened.

The only reason, I’m pushing him away is that he’s dominant. He doesn’t want a normal relationship, he wants a BDSM relationship so that he can control me, order me and cage me.

“Why he is dominant?” I cried out.

“Any problem, butterfly?” His voice startled me and I looked at him. Now he’s standing beside me. My heart is pounding because he’s standing so close to me.

“You’re the problem, Mister.” I snarled at him, irritated with myself more than him.

“No it’s not mister, it’s Master.” He corrected me.

I raised my brows when he said this and he laughed. I shook my head.

“Why did you again come here?” I asked him.

“To see you, any problem.”

“Do you have any work or not?”

“I’m doing my work only, butterfly.” He grinned at me, making me crazy again.

Oh, God! Please save me from this devil.

“Oh so now I understood your work is to leer at the girls. Right?”

“No, only you.” I rolled my eyes.

“What’s your problem?”

“My problem is that you’re not ready to talk to me calmly.”

“How can I talk to you calmly when you’re making me so angry?” I almost shouted at him.

“What I’m doing that you’re getting so angry?” He asked, raising his brows.

I’m getting angry because you’re attracting me and I can’t accept it because you’re not a normal man.

“I flared up by looking at the person like you.” I yelled at him, frustrated.

“What do you mean by this?”

“I mean you’re a Dominant who controls people life and I hate it.”

“You don’t know anything, Butterfly. At least experience it, then hate it.” He grinned and winked at me.

I shook my head in disbelief. “How many times do I have to tell you that I don’t want to experience it?”

“But I want you to experience it.” I frowned at him, he continued, “you should experience new things, butterfly.”

Every time the way he softly calls me butterfly, he takes my breath away from me.

Fuck! He is affecting me so much. Whatever he does, it affects me and this makes me angry, so angry. Then I take out my anger on him.

“It will be better if I throw you out of the cafe by kicking your ass.” His eyes widened a bit in shock. “This will also be a new experience for me.” Now I grinned.

“Butterfly, you will regret if you ever do this to me or even say this to me again.” His tone became stern suddenly.

“Oh, I’m so scared.” I scoffed.

“Fuck you and get the hell out of my cafe if you don’t want me to kick your ass.” I intentionally said this again and his eyes scorched in anger.

He frowned and dragged me to the backside of the cafe by seizing my wrist. Then he pushed me into the party hall and hurriedly locked the door.

I yelled at him. “What the fuck do you think of yourself? You,”

“Shut up.” He roared, cutting my words.

He again grasped my wrist and dragged me to the sofa. He sat down and with a swift motion, he yanked me down and bent me over his lap. He pinned me against the sofa by pressing his hand on my back and locked my legs between his legs.

Fuck! What he is doing? Fear rushed down my spine.

“Stop it. You can’t do this to me, Monster.” I yelled, trying to come out of his tight grip but no use, he is so strong.

But I stopped resisting instantly and my heart skipped beating as his hand touched my butts over the fabric of my skirt. My body literally shivered with his touch. I felt so good and I’m shocked.

Now he has just touched my butts over the fabric and this happened to me but what will happen when he touches my bare buttocks? I wondered.

I closed my eyes, feeling incredible and turned on when he fondled them over the fabric before squeezing them. My body is on fire with his touch. I want him to don’t stop as I’m enjoying it. This is giving a new sensation to my core. His touch is fucking driving me crazy and twirling my mind. I can’t believe it.

But suddenly he removed his hands, giving me a shock. His grip loosened and he unlocked my legs. I badly want him to continue touching me as I was liking it like hell but I can’t say anything. What he will think about me?

He made me sit beside him and stood up.

“I’m sorry I shouldn’t have treated you like this.” He apologised and I looked at him in shock because the Monster apologised to me.

“But you better behave with me from next time.” He warned me sternly and left from there after opening the door.

This man is seriously something else. He is doing so wrong with me but still, I’m liking whatever he is doing. Why? Now I’m feeling like there is something wrong with me, not with him.

I won’t lie but my hips are aching for his touch. Shit!

What the hell is happening to me?

No, No, I have to keep him away from me. I can’t let him affect me. He isn’t right for me. I can’t let him know that I’m attracted to him and he’s affecting me so much.

Fuck! Fuck! I have to do something fast to get rid of him.

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