Desire To Control Her (Part: 23 Drama Queen!)

Then she picked up her phone and typed something on it with a sad pout, looking so cute.

My phone beeped in my jeans pocket and I understood she messaged me.


I slid my hand into my pocket to take out the phone and I opened the message.

Butterfly: I’m sorry, Master to spoil your clothes. I have realised my mistake. I’m short-tempered. I did this mistake in anger. Please forgive me.

I looked at her after reading the message and found her staring at me with pleading eyes and a cute puppy face.

My heart melted seeing her face but still, I won’t forgive her. I’m her Master. She should respect me. She has to learn some manners.

Me: It’s good that you have realised your mistake, Butterfly. Now accept your punishment like a good submissive.

I messaged her.

But why the hell I’m messaging her when I can say to her directly?

Butterfly: Master, this is really a hard punishment for me. You know that I can’t sit quietly. If I don’t talk, I’ll go crazy, Master. Please show mercy on your submissive.

I shook my head after reading her message.

Drama Queen!

“Butterfly, I’m not going to show any mercy on you, so please stop messaging me.” I said to her in a stern tone and she closed her eyes disappointedly.

She again started typing the message.

So more drama to come.

Butterfly: Master, give me some other punishment, I’ll accept it like a good submissive but I can’t stay quiet. If you don’t change my punishment, I’ll start crying loudly.

Oh, God! It’s really hard to deal with this girl.

Seriously! Now she is blackmailing me.

“Butterfly, if you cry or don’t accept your punishment, I won’t let you speak for two days and spank you fifty times on your cunt. Mark my words.” I warned her sternly and she sat on the bed grimly.

Am I being very strict with her? I asked myself.

No, she deserves this for disrespecting me.

My phone beeped and I came on the earth back. She sent me one more message.

Butterfly: Okay, I’m accepting my Punishment but please decrease the time limit. Please, please.

Is she bargaining with me?

“Okay, stay quiet for two hours but if you utter a single word in these two hours, you know what I’ll do.” I said, she nodded her head sadly.

Then she again typed the message.

Butterfly: Staying quiet for two hours is also hard for a chatterbox like me but still thank you for lessening the time limit.

“Now, go and clean yourself and by then I’ll change my shirt too which you have spoiled.”

She nodded meekly and went to the washroom.

I changed my shirt and after a few minutes, she stepped out of the bathroom, her clothes drenched in water.

I took out my black shirt and gave it to her. “Change your clothes or else you’ll catch a cold.”

She nodded and again went to the bathroom to change.

I’m not feeling good. Her silence is killing me. Now I’m feeling like I’m punishing myself more by giving her this punishment.

I’m missing her euphoric sugary voice but I have to wait for two hours.

To be honest, now it’s going to be difficult for me as well because my ears are already longing to hear her sweet cheerful voice.

This Girl is really doing some kind of magic over me.

She came back after wearing my shirt. It’s loose to her but still, my shirt is suiting her. She is looking stunning in my shirt.

“Now it’s lunchtime. Let’s go.” I said after admiring her and she gave me a slight nod.

Oh God, her silence is killing me. Why I’m punishing myself by keeping her quiet?

I want her to speak.

What! I want her to break the punishment given by me only?

Now I’m going crazy.

We reached the dining table and settled down. I severed her lunch and she quietly have it without showing any tantrums.

How will she show the tantrums when she isn’t even allowed to speak?

“Okay, the punishment is over.” I uttered mechanically and she stared at me in surprise by raising her eyebrows.

“Really?” She finally spoke up in a disbelief tone.

I nodded, “yes, as you took your punishment like a good submissive. Now you can speak up.”

The real reason for ending her punishment is that I was longing to hear her sweet voice. I was feeling incomplete when she wasn’t speaking. Her silence was killing me.

Truly this girl is making me crazy.

“Wow… I can speak again. Yes, I’m so happy.” She started squealing loudly, breaking my eardrums. “You know it was so hard for me to keep my mouth shut.”

“But you still stayed silent and took your punishment. I’m impressed.” I praised her and she grinned widely at me.

“You know what I like the most?” She asked, raising her brows.

“What? Talking?” I assumed.

“Correct. You know me so well.” She gave me a high five and continued, “so what I was saying, I like talking the most and after your punishment, I have started liking talking even more. When you asked me to speak again, I felt like I got my breath back.”

And she started blabbering. She looks great while talking only as when she had become silent, I was feeling so empty.

“And I wanted to tell you that I’m feeling so comfortable in your shirt, can I borrow your clothes?” She said, hugging herself.

So cute!

“Yeah sure, I don’t have any problem. You can take them.” I agreed and she grinned widely, showing her all the teeth.

“Thank you so much. You’re the best Master. My sweet Dom.” She acted to pull my cheeks from far away.

Haye! Her cuteness is on another level. Seriously.

How can anybody be so cute? I wonder always.

Butterfly’s P.O.V.

I’m so happy that he allowed me to take his clothes because I’m feeling so great and snug in his shirt today. I’m feeling like he is hugging me. Now every night I’ll sleep wearing his clothes.

“Now go home and take some rest. Then we’ll meet at the BDSM club.” As he said, my eyes widened in shock.

“BDSM club?”

“Yes, BDSM club.” He said with a mischief grin.


“But if you’re still not comfortable to visit there as your first experience wasn’t so good, then we can meet somewhere else.” Now he again became so sweet. His behaviour changes so quickly.

“No, No, I’m comfortable.” I agreed.

I’m still not so comfortable visiting the BDSM club but I agreed as I don’t want to show tantrums to him. What if I don’t satisfy his desires and he leaves me?

By the way, he will be there with me in the club, so there will be no problem. Last time also he had handled everything at right time.

“Okay, so there I’ll announce in front of my friends that you’re my new submissive. I’ll pick you up at 7 pm.”

“Okay.” I nodded meekly.

“Okay? What?” He raised his brows.

“Okay, Master.”

“Good. Don’t forget the rules. From tomorrow you have to follow each one of them or else you know.” He warned me mischievously.

“I know, I know I’ll be punished. You repeat this line after every minute, how can anybody forget this.” I chuckled and he shook his head.

I stood up to go but stopped as I recalled something.

“Pack your clothes for me, then I’ll go.” I said, again sitting beside him.

“Butterfly, you go and when I visit your place, I’ll bring my clothes.”

“But I want now.” I said stubbornly because now every night I want to sleep in his clothes.

“Butterfly, I’m your Master now, start listening to me.” He said in a serious tone and I pouted sadly at him.

“Okay, I’m going.” I stood up sadly.

“Wait,” he stopped me by holding my hand. “Don’t be sad, you will get my clothes at your place till tonight. Now happy?” As he said, my eyes shimmered and my lips drew up to a wide smile.

So, my sweet Dom is back.

“I’m more than happy. Thank you.” I squealed cheerily and he smiled at me.

“You look even more beautiful with a smile on your face, Butterfly. Never lose it.” My breath hitched as he complimented me, gazing into my eyes intensely.

If he keeps complimenting me like this, I don’t know what will happen to my heart.

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