Monster’s Bride (Part: 71 Karma) Sidnaaz

Gill’s Mansion

Mukti is crying in anguish sitting on the bed, hugging her knees. She is still in bridal attire. Her condition is clearly showing that she is in immense pain.

At that time Abhi is taking the shower in the bathroom.

“Mukti, towel.” Abhi shouted from the bathroom but Mukti didn’t respond to him as she isn’t in her senses. She is lost in deep thought and sobbing.

Then only Abhi stormed out of the bathroom in shorts, gritting his teeth.

“Mukti, are you deaf? Can’t you hear me? I had been asking for the towel.” Abhi barked at her, fisting her hair and yanking it. She hissed in pain, crying.

He clenched her jaw, making her look at him. “You’re my wife now. So, it will be better if you fulfil all the duties of an ideal wife or else you know what I can do. I have waited a lot to see you in pain, Mukti. Now I’ll take the revenge of everyone’s tears from you.” He growled at her, his eyes are filled with pure hatred.

“Abhi, please, forgive me. What you want, I’ll do but please forgive me. I have changed. Now I have realised my mistake that I hurt everybody a lot. Now I’m ready to do anything for your forgiveness.” She cried out for forgiveness in front of him.

“Yes, you have to do what I say to you at any cost because you know if you don’t do, what I’ll do. And don’t even think that I’m going to forgive you ever. I’m going to make your life living hell.” He stormed out of the room after harshly pushing her on the bed.

She cried profusely, fisting the bed-sheet. Mukti’s condition is the evidence of the statement that Karma is a bitch, you always get what you give. You will never understand the pain you give to others until the same is given to you. That’s why there is Karma.

“Today, I’m understanding Bhabhi’s pain. She accepted Bhai as her husband with her whole heart but she endured so much pain because of me without any fault. But the pain I’m getting, it’s all my fault, this is what I deserve. This is my punishment, the result of my karma. What I did to others, today it’s coming back to me and that’s karma.” She is talking to herself and crying profusely in agony.

Shukla’s Mansion

“No, baby, today no lips and this is your punishment for smoking.” She denied strictly, turning her face to the other side when Sidharth moved closer to kiss her.

He suddenly grasped her waist and yanked her closer to himself. “Oh, Really! Sweetheart?” He asked and she nodded positively.

He smirked as he has his own way to kiss his wifey.

Suddenly he fell on the bed, holding her and hurriedly flipped their position by taking her under him. He straddled her and gazed into her eyes intensely after pinning her hands above her head against the mattress.

“Can you remain without kissing me, Sweetheart?” He asked against her lips, driving her insane. She is just gazing at him intensely, breathing heavily and her heart is racing.

But she put back her desire on the side and uttered, “to punish you for smoking, I can do anything, Mr Shukla, as I don’t want you to smoke ever. It’s about your health and I can’t take any risk.” She said sternly.

“Okay, as your wish but I promise you that I will never smoke.” He promised her before rubbing his lips down her neck and she laughed because she is feeling tickling.

“Baby, what are you doing, stop.” She said while laughing.

“What? I’m not kissing you.” He uttered after looking at her and an evil smile flashed on his face.

“My baby is becoming naughtier with each passing day. But baby, now no romance as for now Mukti’s matter is most important.” As Sana said, his smile faded into a frown and without saying anything he sat beside her, his lips are drawn down in sadness now.

She also sat up and hugged him from behind, placing her face on his back and encircling her arms around him. His all sadness flew away like magic when she hugged him. She is the cure of her all pain.

“Baby, would you talk to Mukti?” She asked him after a few minutes of silence.

“Yes, Sweetheart, anything for you.” He answered her and kissed her hand. A broad smile flashed on her face and she kissed his neck from behind.

After a few minutes, she sat on his lap, straddling him and wrapping her arms around his neck.

“I’m kissing you because you need it right now. But if you again smoke, I won’t let you even touch me for a week.” She said strictly before taking his lips in her mouth and sucking them lovingly to take away his all pain. He responded to her back with equal flavour, clasping her face with one hand and placing his other on one of her butts. They kissed each other softly, forgetting about the whole world.

They pulled apart, breathing heavily. “I promise I won’t do anything which you don’t like.” He whispered, gazing into her eyes deeply.

“Good for you, baby or else you will be punished severely by your wifey.” She uttered and they both chuckled, touching their forehead.

“No more kiss for today as I haven’t forgiven you yet. You have to take your punishment like a good husband.” She said when he moved closer to kiss her again. He pouted sadly and nodded meekly.

“So cute, baby.” She laughed, pulling his cheeks.


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