Desire To Control Her (Part: 83 The Strictest Master?) Manan

Butterfly’s P.O.V.

I came to the hall behind Manik as he left getting angry with me. As I saw him standing facing his back to me, I rushed to him. I’m feeling giddy and my vision is blurry.

“Manik, I’m sorry. Please, don’t go like this.” I hugged him from behind, pleading to him to don’t go.

But my eyes widened in utter shock as I saw him, standing in front of me.


Then who is the person I hugged? I wondered and instantly pulled apart, confusingly looking at Manik who is killing me with his angry look.

Fuck! I’m so dead today.

He marched towards me, dangerously staring at me, his fists clenched by his sides. Right now his deadly glare is enough to scare the hell of me.

I know today I have put myself into great trouble. I hugged someone else in front of him. He’s hell possessive for me, now he’s not going to leave me.

Somebody, please save me!

The person whom I hugged, disappeared within a second as he saw Manik.

I moved backwards, playing with my fingers nervously and staring at him like a scared cat as he stepped closer to me. My heartbeat is accelerating.

Next moment he grasped my hand and dragged me out of the club, fuming in rage before I could say something.

“Manik, listen to me. I can explain,” I uttered but he ignored my words.

He opened the door of the car and shoved me inside before sitting in the driving seat and starting the car.

“It was just a mistake, Manik. I wasn’t in my senses.” I tried to explain to him, but what to do he isn’t even listening to me? He’s driving the car rashly in fury and I’m praying to God to keep us both safe.

My lips curved into a grin and my eyes sparkled as an idea popped into my mind to calm him down.

Max’s P.O.V.

After Manik and Nandini left, we all started discussing Nandini’s statements.

“I don’t think Manik will ever let anybody punish or spank himself,” Lara said, shaking her head.

“But how could Nandini’s both statements would be wrong?” I uttered, narrowing my brows bemusedly.

“Guys, you don’t know Nandini can make my brother do anything.” Suddenly Kiara spoke, catching our attention.

“I second Kiara as Manik is completely besotted by her. I still can’t believe that he so easily accepted Kiara’s and my relationship.” Alex said, smiling.

“But I still can’t imagine the strictest Dom being spanked by someone,” Lara uttered in a disbelief tone.

“My Nanz can do anything in this world,” Eve said proudly.

I said, “ but we’ll confirm this from Manik later on.”

“You still have to confirm this, Max. Didn’t you see how Manik left from here when his secrets were coming out?” Alex crackled with laughter, making all of us laugh too.

“But I’m glad he found someone like Nandini as he is happy again after a long time,” Dev said merrily.

“Yes, even I’m grateful that my brother get a woman like Nandini as with him, he got his long lost happiness.” Kiara smiled contentedly.

“Okay, guys, now we’re also leaving.” I stood up, holding Lara’s hand as I want to spend some time with my girl.

We bid bye to each other before leaving hand in hand.

“Max, how long will you punish yourself?” Lara uttered as we stepped out.

I know what she is talking about.

“What do you mean?” I asked her, looking around.

She made me look at herself by clasping my face. “You know what I mean, Max. I know why don’t you like to spank me.”

“No, you don’t know, Lara, I regret every single day for punishing you so hard in my anger. Now I can’t even think to spank you again in my life.” I explained to her.

“Max, I deserved that,”

I shouted, cutting her words, “no, you didn’t.”

“Max,” I shushed her placing my finger over her lips.

“Now no argument, I’ll never spank you and that’s my final decision,” I stated sternly and she nodded, giving up.

Master’s P.O.V.

I’m extremely mad at Butterfly, I permitted her to do anything today because that was my punishment and I deserved it, but she crossed all the limits, she hugged somebody else.

I know she did this mistake in the drunk state but I had stopped her so many times from drinking but she never listens to me and always takes me for granted.

Today I’ll show her who I’m. If any submissive doesn’t obey me, she regrets it badly.

She deserves punishment today, a strictest dom’s punishment so she thinks twice before touching any other man even in the drunk state too.

I’m driving the car, clutching the steering in fury as again and again my Butterfly hugging someone else is coming in front of my eyes.

How could she hug someone else by mistake also?

My eyes widened in shock when I suddenly felt her hand on my crotch.

“Your punishment is over, let’s do this.” As I turned my face to her, she uttered, grinning.

Seriously does she think I’ll forgive her if she does this?

I hurled her hand, frowning at her before again concentrating back on the road, my face contorted with rage.

“Manik, I’m sorry. It happened by mistake. Please, at least talk to me. You know that I don’t like when you behave rudely with me.” She apologised but I’m not in the mood to argue with her as I’m already losing my temper.

She again placed her hand on my crotch, making me scowled at her.

“Don’t you understand I’m not in a mood?” I instantly applied the brake and bowled at her, making her flinch.

“I wasn’t in my senses. Please, don’t shout at me, I don’t like it,”

I shrieked, clutching her arms and pulling her closer to myself, “and I don’t like when you don’t listen to me, Butterfly. I was stopping you to don’t drink and look now what happened.”

“I’m sorry.” She apologised guiltily.

An apology will not work today.

I’m gonna punish her here, right now, in open as I can’t wait to teach her a lesson, how to obey her Master.

She always disobeys me and I always forgive her so easily, that’s why every time she takes me so lightly.

But it’s enough, today she will see my strictest side.

But next moment only she burst into tears.


“I’m sorry. I just can’t take your anger” She sobbed, wiping her tears with the back of her hands and my all anger flew away instantly.

“Okay! Okay! I understand, stop crying.” I requested, clasping her face and gently wiping off her tears with my thumbs, throwing my anger.

It hurts to see tears in her eyes.

“But it’s my fault. I shouldn’t have drunk so much. I just can’t believe I hugged someone else. How couldn’t I recognise that it wasn’t you? I’m so stupid. I should have listened to you.” Now she started blaming herself and I don’t like it when someone blames my butterfly, even when she does this herself.

I shushed her by placing my finger over her lips. “Shut up. You’re not stupid, you’re my smart butterfly. It just that you were drunk, therefore you couldn’t recognise.”

I can’t believe a few minutes ago I was infuriated with her for hugging somebody else and now I’m justifying her.

She’s seriously doing magic on me! I didn’t remain the strictest Master anymore.

“I just can’t stay angry with her,” I murmured to myself and shook my head in disbelief.

“So you aren’t angry with me anymore?” As she asked like an innocent kid and sniffled, a smile flashed on my face mechanically.

She is so adorable.

“Tell me.” She asked again when I didn’t reply to her.

“No, Butterfly.” I shook my head, cupping her face, smiling.

“A few seconds ago you were yelling at me like a monster and now you’re smiling. Are you alright, Manik?” She asked me in a disbelief tone, placing her hand on my forehead.

I chuckled. “What to do, it is impossible to stay angry with you, Butterfly.” I shrugged my shoulders and she giggled.

“I still can’t believe you aren’t angry with me anymore.” She uttered in an incredulous tone.

“But you’ll be punished here in the car, right now for hugging another man,” I added, coming closer to her with a mischief smile on my face.

How can I leave the chance of punishing my Butterfly?

And seriously she deserves this for getting drunk and then hugging someone else.

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