(Part : 20 A) {Sidnaaz} Love Story

Guys this story will be slow but I’m assuring you, every part will be beautiful.

“How could you treat a kid like this if she is poor.” Showing her index finger, Sana snapped at young man who was standing in front of her. He was wearing business suit. He was hitting a girl who was begging money from him and Sana rushed to save her from him . The little girl was standing scared behind Sana.

“The girls like you don’t fight like this. They just only make the boy’s bed wet.” He said shamelessly, having smirk on his face. His words rose her anger. She raised her hand in the air to slap him but he grasped her hand before she could hit him. He chuckled evilly. She gave him disgusting looks and tried to take out her hands.

She opened her mouth to shout on him again, but her mouth stayed open in a shock when somebody punched that monster directly on his face. That somebody was non other than her hero, Sidharth Shukla. Before that person could react, he got another punch from Sidharth. He punched his face five times without any pause. His eyes were spitting fire. He was boiling in anger.

“How dare you touch my girl like this and who gave you the permission to talk like this with my girl.” He shouted angrily by grasping the collars of his shirt. The person was not in a condition to respond. His face was bleeding.

Sana was just looking at him shockingly and surprisingly with her eyes wide open. For the first time, she was seeing Sid’s this side. She had never seen him even talking to anyone in a loud voice before, that’s why she was hell shocked after seeing him shouting like this. She was little happy also because for the first time, somebody was fighting for her. When he called her ‘my girl’, her heart felt immensely happy.

A small crowd gathered around them. Sid was continuously hitting him with his one hand and from his other hand, he was holding him straight by grasping his collar. It was clearly visible that Sid was not in his senses. Sana realised that she needs to stop him now because that person could die as he had already become half unconscious.

“Sidharth, you need to stop or else he would die.” Sana said, holding his shoulder from behind. Listening her words, Sid came back to his senses. He left the collar of his shirt in a shock. He looked at Sana. He was giving her looks like he himself was shocked by his act. Sana blinked her eyes.

“Let’s go.” Saying this, she started taking her on the opposite side of the road where their car was standing. Sana was crossing the road, holding his from shoulder. People stared at them for a moment, then left.

“I am sorry. I shouldn’t have reacted like this.” When they reached toward their car , He apologised for his act , looking at Sana.

Sana stayed silent and let him complete his words.

“I don’t know what happened to me when that bastard held your hand and said those disgusting words to you. I became crazy. I just lost my mind.” He tried to justify his act. It was clearly visible that he was also shocked with his act.

“I felt like to kill him at that moment. How dare he used those words against you. He even touched you with his dirty hands.” He added, again becoming angry as the scene of that monster touching his angel came in front of his eyes.

“I am really sorry, Shehnaaz, that-that you have to see all this. “He again apologised, clasping her hand with his both hands. He even moved little closer to her. She was just staring him silently.

“You did nothing wrong. That person deserves what you did. Even he deserves the worst. So you don’t need to feel sorry. In fact I want to thank you for doing this.” She smiled at him. Sid felt like his heart became lighter, listening to her words. He thought that she would shout on him for beating him like this, but it happened completely opposite, she was happy with his acts.

“You know, Until today, I had never beaten anyone. I used to shout to take my anger out. Beating , fighting and all this was not cup of my tea.” He told her genuinely and she was shocked to hear this.

“Then why you did this today ?” She asked instantly as he completed his words.

“For you. My anger reached upto it’s highest peak after seeing that bastard misbehaving with you. I couldn’t able to control my anger. All that happened automatically. Nothing was in my hand. I myself was shocked.” He answered her question. Listening to his words, she got lost in a deep thoughts.

“Hey, Shehnaaz.” He called her waving his hand in front of her. She came on the earth back and looked at him blankly.

“Where did you get lost ?” He asked, raising his eyebrows upward at her.

“Nowhere.” She answered, shaking her head.

“I think we shall go now.” She said before he could ask her anything further. He nodded his head. Then they both settled down in the car.

Sid was starting the engine of car, he looked at Sana confusingly as She uttered, looking at him, having smile on her face. “You know what I’m feeling happy.”

“It’s great that you are happy, but can I know the reason of your happiness?” He asked still looking at her. She was just smiling at him wholeheartedly.

“The way you fought for me. Before you, nobody had fought for me like this. The way you beat that bastard, it was amazing. Thanks again.” Her words were showing that how much happy she was. Sid smiled broadly, listening to her words. Seeing her happiness, he was also happy to beat that Man.

“It was nothing. In fact I can fight for you from the whole world.” He stated, looking deeply into her black eyes. She was amazed, listening to those heavy words.

“Really?” She asked in disbelief.

“Yes really, but only if you would let me fight. I will never do the things which you don’t like. Because I really don’t want to lose you. You are really a girl for whom I have waited all my life. You are different. You’re amazing. You’re perfect for me.” He confessed, putting his both hand on her face and moved closer to her face. Sana was really happy, listening to those beautiful words from him.

“But how i am perfect for you ? As I still don’t trust you completely and, sometimes I behaved so weird.” She asked, looking at him silently and waited for the answer.

“It doesn’t matter because one day you will trust me and that day will come very soon.” He said confidently, looking directly into her eyes. She got amazed, seeing his confident.

All the time when they were talking, he was stroking her soft cheeks with his thumbs fondly which was making Sana feel so good. His touch was making her feel alive as always and sending the chill down her spine.

“How can you be sure ?” She asked another question.

“I know you will, Shehnaaz. Just wait and watch.” He said and moved more closer to her face. He gently kissed her forehead. She closed her eyes in response, putting her hand over his hand. She felt amazing when his lips touched her skin. Just a small kiss made her feel so good, she was wondering what would happen when his lips would touch all over her skin. The kiss was a promise that he would surely make her trust him one day.

They moved away from each other, having light smile on their faces. Then Sid started the engine of the car again. Sana was just looking at him. She was still thinking that how could a man like Sid was ready to do anything for a silly girl like her.


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