(Part : 31) {Sidnaaz} Professor And His Princess

Sana : This is so wrong to leave your girlfriend after making her horny.

I sent this message to him in anger, strolling to the classroom. It is break time now.

My Hottie Professor : A professor is giving punishment to his favourite student, not a boyfriend. You’re my student and I’m your professor in the college. So you’ve to follow my commands.

I curled my lip in anger after reading his message.

Sana : Why are you doing this to me?

I sent this message to him with crying emoji.

My Hottie Professor : Because, yesterday I made you tired, so I want to give my student some rest. That’s my main motive to give you punishment.

I opened my mouth in O shape after knowing his real intention for giving me such a hard punishment. He’s so caring. I’m in love with his every side. I’m falling in love him more and more with each passing second.

Sana : My caring hottie Professor.

I sent the message with the heart and kiss emoji.

My Hottie Professor : Certainly, I’ve to take care of my Princess because she doesn’t know how to take care of herself.

Haye, I love him.

My Hottie Professor : Start taking care of yourself or else I’ll always punish you like this everyday.

I pouted sadly. I can’t bear this torture daily.

Sana : Tell me, how should I take care of myself?

My Hottie Professor : Sleep on time, eat food on time and come to the class on time.

Sana : Okay, from today, I’ll sleep on time.

My Hottie Professor : That’s like my good girl.

Sana : Now can we meet because I’m missing you a lot.

I’m really missing him a lot. I want to hug him tightly for being my so caring Professor.

My Hottie Professor : Okay, so meet me at the backside of the college.

My lips drawn up into a broad smile.

Sana : I love you so much, Sidharth.

My Hottie Professor : I love you more, Princess

but the punishment is still on.

He sent the message with wink emoji and I pouted sadly.

Sana : Okay, fine.

I rushed to meet him at the back side of the college where hardly anybody goes.

I received Anu’s call. “Anu, my stomach is upset. I’ll take some more time.” Before she could ask me something, I answered her in fake crying tone like I’m in pain.

“Shit, you should go home. I’ll drop you.”

“Okay, I’ll see and inform you after the break.” I instantly answered.

“Take care, Sana.” I disconnected the call.

“Sorry, Anu that I’m lying to you again and again.” I murmured sadly.

“I love you so much my caring hottie Professor.” As I reached at the backside of college, I just jumped over my hottie professor and hugged him tightly, encircling my arms around his neck. I felt his arms around me after few minutes, maybe he was taken aback with my sudden tight hug. He pulled me closer to himself like he wanted to store me in his protective arms. His warm arms really feel like my home. I’ve never felt so secured and safe in anybody’s arms before. These are my real heaven on the earth. I just got lost in his peaceful arms for few minutes. Every time when he hugs me, I never feel like he’s hugging my body, I feel like his soul is embracing my soul.

“I want to spend my each and every second with you, Sidharth.” I uttered as we broke the hug.

He clasped my face and whispered. “Me too, Princess.” He leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on my forehead, I smiled blissfully.

“Let’s go to my penthouse.” He suggested, his eyes glinted with the happiness.

“I’ve lectures.” As I uttered disappointedly, his lips also drawn down. “Are you free at night” I asked.

He snaked his one arm around my waist and yanked me to himself. “I’m always free for my Princess.” He tucked my hair behind my ear and placed a kiss on my cheek, my lips curved into a bright smile.

“Then take me wherever you want to take me tonight.” I whispered, wrapping my arms around his neck.

“Someone was planning to sleep on time from tonight?” He raised his eyebrows.

“Tonight, you’ll make me sleep on time, right?” I stifled a giggle.

He smirked at me “But, I know how to keep you awake whole night.” He breathed, coming close to my lips. My whole body shivered as his warm breath caressed my lips.

“At night my naughty boyfriend doesn’t let me sleep and In the morning, I have to bear the punishment of my caring professor for not taking care of myself. Poor me.” He chuckled as I uttered and pouted sadly. He stared at me like he’s staring at the stars. I narrowed my brows in confusion.

“You’re so cute, Princess.” He suddenly pecked my lips and we both smiled at each other, our eyes filled with immense love. He started coming close to my lips, gazing in my eyes passionately.

He was just about to capture my lips, but I pushed him away as the bell rang. “I’ve to go now.” As I turned to walk, he stopped me, grasping my hand and slammed my lips after turning me around to him and pinning me against the near by wall in a swift motion. It took me few seconds to come out of the shock and respond to his sudden kiss. He’s kissing my lips passionately, taking my breath away from me. As he left my arms and clasped my face, I grabbed his shirt’s collars and pulled him closer to myself. We deepened the kiss, stealing each other souls through the kiss.

My eyes are still closed and I’m panting after our intense kiss. I can still feel his hot breath over my lips. He sets my body on fire with his passionate kiss.

“I think, you forgot your yesterday’s punishment of pushing me away. That’s why you pushed me today also.” As he breathed, I opened my eyes.

Oh shit, I again pushed him. Now what?

“I’m leaving you this time because we both are getting late for our lectures, but don’t repeat this mistake again, Princess or else next time, I’ll tie your hands. This is the last warning.” His voice deepened, his dominant tone turned me on even more. He’s seriously driving me insane and hypnotising me with his black bewitching eyes.

“Now you can go, but don’t forget to meet me after the college, Princess.”

“How can I go home without meeting you, Sidharth?” We smiled at each other. “See you after the college.” I rushed from there after pecking his cheek.

I reached to the class and told Anu that I’m fine now. I spent remaining lectures, thinking about my hottie professor. I’m loving and enjoying each and every moment thoroughly which I’m spending with him. The feeling of love is really more beautiful than my imagination. I’m feeling like I’m flying in the air. I’m enjoying every moment to the fullest. He has made my life so beautiful and he has also completed me. He is the only person who has awakened my inner desire and who has power to turn me on with his one look.

I don’t care what will be our future and what he is hiding from me, the only thing which matters to me is that he’s with me at present and I’m happy with with him. People will call me crazy for loving someone without knowing about him, I don’t care because I’m happy and I know he loves me a lot. He will never hurt me intentionally in future and he’ll always take care of me like my father. I don’t want to force him for anything because I know with time, he himself will share everything with me. Whatever he is hiding from me, I know, it would be something very serious, but whatever it is, I would never leave him because I know, he loves me. For now my motive is to assure him with my love that no matter what I’ll never leave him. When he is convinced that I’ll never leave him, then certainly he will share every with me without any fear.

Like yesterday, I met him after college in the parking area. We hugged each other and talked for sometime, then he dropped me at home. I’m so excited for tonight. I took a nap after reaching home and then spent some time with my mom.

Now it is night time. I reached back to home from coaching centre. After dinner, I told dad that I’m going for night study at my friend’s house. He gave me permission.

I’m putting my dress into my handbag for tomorrow, I received his message.

My hottie Professor : I’m waiting for you, Princess.

I smiled broadly as I read his message.

Sana : Close your eyes, count till ten and I’ll be in front of your eyes.

My hottie Professor : I just can’t wait to hold you in my arms. I want to feel you in my arms, Princess. I’m counting till ten, come fast.

I zipped up my handbag and stood up, hanging it over my shoulder. I dashed out of my room after last time glancing myself in the mirror. I’m still in my morning black midi.

“Sidharth.” I shouted from the other side of the road as I saw him. He’s standing, leaning against the car in white shirt and black trouser. First two buttons of his shirt are open and his arms are crossed around his chest. Haye, my poor heart. He’s looking so attractive. We smiled at each other.

I strolled to him, my gaze is fixed at him and my lips are drawn up in a bright smile. Suddenly his face expression changed, he raised his eyebrows in horror, looking on the other side of me. “Princess..” He shrieked in horror, rushing to me. As I turned my face on the other side, I gasped in horror, seeing a truck which is approaching to me in speed.

To be continued

What do you think, what will happen now?

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Love Mehak

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