(Part: 49) {Sidnaaz} Professor And His Princess

Since one week, I’ve been noticing that Sidharth is behaving differently. I’m feeling like he’s trying to suppress his emotions after that night. He’s trying to become some else. Why?

One day in this week, he called me at the backside of college in the break, I reached late because a teacher gave me work to do. He didn’t say anything when I reached late.

“Sidharth, I’m late, will you not punish your student for coming late?” I raised my brows and asked myself.

He clasped my face. “Princess, you got stuck in work. Why I’ll punish you?” I was surprised after seeing him behaving like this.

I reached college late, still, he didn’t say anything. He stopped teasing me. He’s behaving like an extra sweet boyfriend, but I’m missing my old Sidharth who was an angry man and sweet too. I was loving his different sides. The more I was knowing about him, the more I was falling in love with him, but now he’s trying to hide his real nature. He’s behaving extra sweet. It is not wrong, but I fell in love with the Sidharth who was caring, sweet, possessive, dominating and who teases me. He’s trying to change himself, but why?

Today I deliberately sat with a boy of my class to provoke him. I want him to react like before. I’m really missing him. I’m feeling so incomplete. I’m feeling like he’s someone else, a stranger to me and it is hurting me. It really hurts when someone you love, he suddenly starts behaving differently and become a complete stranger. I want my old Sidharth back at any cost who was unique and different from others.

He stepped into the classroom and he frowned when he saw me sitting with another boy.

I smiled slightly, seeing his expression. “My plan is working, now he’ll react.” I murmured to myself.

He composed himself and passed me a smile, I smiled back. After a few minutes, he messaged me. I excitedly opened his message.

My Hottie Professor: You’re looking so gorgeous today in blacktop. Black suits you a lot, Princess.

I pouted sadly after reading his message. I thought he would scold me and ask me why I’m sitting with a boy. I had seen his expression, he was angry after seeing me sitting with a boy, but why he’s not showing. Why he’s suppressing his real emotions. I’m not liking it. It is hurting me a lot.

Sana: I’m sitting with a boy, you don’t have any problem?

My Hottie Professor: No, because I trust you, I know, you only love me.

I’m happy that he trusts me, what about his possessive nature. I was loving his possessive nature. Why he’s behaving so different? I want to know. He was not like this before. He’s behaving so nice, but I was loving my bad boy.

After college, I asked him to meet me in the classroom. I really want my answers. After locking the door, he strolled towards me, smiling at me.

“Sidharth, what happened to you?” As I asked, he narrowed his brows.

“What do you mean?” He asked me back.

“You think, I’m blind and I, I can’t see that you’re behaving so different.” My voice quivered and I started crying mechanically because I’m missing my real Sidharth a lot, his brows caressed. “I want my old Sidharth back. Why are you changing yourself, Sidharth? Why? You’re losing yourself real self. What happened to you? Please, tell me, I want to know.” I asked, sobbing.

He closed his eyes dejectedly after seeing my condition. He opened his eyes after composing himself. He clasped my face and looked into my eyes deeply. “Because I don’t want to hurt you, Princess.” He answered me, gently wiping my tears with his thumbs.

I narrowed my brows after knowing this. “Hurt?” I whispered, looking at him bemusedly.

“I hurt you a lot that night because of my anger, because of my dominating side and because of my possessiveness. I never want to hurt you, Princess. When You cried that night because of me, I decided to change myself for you, and I also decided that I would never get angry from you. I’m just trying to change myself for you because I don’t want to hurt you again, Princess. It hurts me to see you in pain. My possessive nature, my uncontrollable anger and my dominating side are toxic for you which can hurt you. I want to treat you like a Princess, I was so harsh with you that night. I forgot everything because of my anger, I forgot that I love you and you’re my Princess. I treated you like other girls that day. I never wanted to treat you like that. I’m really guilty, Princess. I can’t forgive myself for treating you like that.” I listened to him patiently because I wanted to know what’s going in his head.

Oh my god, he’s trying to change himself because of that night, why I didn’t understand this before? He’s thinking so wrong. He didn’t hurt me that night. His anger was justified. I did terribly wrong. I’ve to make him understand. He’s drowning in the guilt and losing himself. His condition is terrible.

“Sidharth, I love you the way you’re in real. Whatever you’re in real is perfect for me. I love the real you. What you’ve been trying to become since a few days, you’re not that person. You didn’t hurt me that night, but now you’re hurting me by changing yourself. You’re overthinking about that night. Please, stop feeling guilty, you didn’t hurt me that night. I wasn’t crying because of you, I was crying because of my terrible mistake.” I tried my best to explain to him, looking in his eyes. Tears are trickling down my cheeks.

He shook his head. “No, you’re lying. You were crying because of me.” I raised my brows.

What? Why he’s not believing me.

“Why I would lie to you, Sidharth?” I asked instantly.

“Because you love me and you don’t want to hurt me by telling me the truth that you were crying because of me. You’ll never accept that I hurt you that night in front of me, but I know the truth that I hurt you because of my anger that night. I’ve to change myself for you.” I frowned after listening to his words.

Now he’s making me angry. He’s thinking anything. I don’t know why the hell he’s not believing me. He just wants to change himself.

I grabbed his collars and pulled him to myself. I uttered in anger. “Then listen to one more truth. If you change yourself, you’ll lose me forever because I love my old Sidharth. I love your wildness with kindness. I love your possessiveness with sweetness. I don’t know why but your dominating nature and wild nature arouse me. I’m in love with your every shade.”

I left his collars. “Sidharth, did I ever complain to you that you should change yourself for me? Really, you didn’t hurt me that night. You can never hurt me because I love you. You know, when you take your anger out on me, I feel relief that I’m calming you down. That night, you weren’t calming down and that’s was the real reason I was crying. I thought you would leave me because I made you so angry. Please stop suppressing your emotions, Sidharth. If you’re angry, then take out your anger, if you’re feeling like to cry, then cry your heart aloud. Just don’t suppress your any emotion and feeling. I love the way you were before, the way you punish me, tease me, dominate me and the way you show your every side to me freely.”

I clasped his face and looked into his eyes deeply. “ You know how much I’m missing my old Sidharth. Please for me, give my real Sidharth back who wasn’t afraid to show any of his sides to me.” I implored.

He cupped my face. “I’m sorry, I just don’t want to hurt you. I thought I’m hurting you because of my anger and dominating side.” Fresh tears rolled down our cheeks.

“You didn’t hurt me that night, but you hurt me in these one week. You hurt your Princess a lot.” I again started crying. His love is making me so emotional. “Please, never ever try to suppress your any emotions and never think to change yourself because I love you the way you’re. I love you a lot.”

He came closer to my lips and whispered against my lips. “I’m sorry and I love you a lot, Princess.” He captured my lips and kissed my lips passionately like before, pulling my head back by grasping my hair. He grabbed my waist with his other hand and yanked me to himself. He ground his crotch against mine, arousing me and burning my body with the desires. I responded him back with equal flavour, placing my hands around his neck. He squeezed my butts, making me moan in his mouth. Oh god, I missed him a lot. I missed this type of wild and passionate kiss. I missed my old Sidharth a lot and finally, I got him back. I’m relieved now.

We broke the kiss, he touched our foreheads. We’re panting and our eyes are closed. “I really miss this type of passionate kiss,” I whispered after opening my eyes.

“And what else did you miss, Princess?” He smirked at me. I’m so happy to get him back. My eyes are shimmering with happiness now. The happiness of getting my love back.

“Your punishments, you know I was trying to provoke you but you,” He shushed me by placing his finger over my lips. We gazed into each other eyes intensely. He moved closer to my face.

He stroked my cheeks with his thumb. “Now I’ll punish you for everything all together, my Princess, because you were really making me so angry.” My heart skipped beating as he huskily whispered in my ear and bit my earlobe, I moaned. I’m utterly aroused now.

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Love Mehak

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