(Part: 29) {Sidnaaz} Love Story After Marriage

Part : 29 Skiing Time

Sidnaaz reached the mountain, covered with snow for doing skiing. It seemed like the mountains are covered with the white sheet. They were ready, wearing the ski suit, goggles, gloves. It was the first time for both of them and they were excited and nervous too. The guide explained to them a few basics things and left to attend another customer.

“It’s very easy, Sid. Do it in the same way as I’m doing.” She instructed him in overconfidence and tried doing skiing, holding the sticks with both hands. She slipped down within a few minutes. He couldn’t control himself and started laughing on her. She looked at him, making a sad pout.

“Sid, stop laughing, this is my first time.” She squealed, looking at him as a small baby.

He bent down and sucked her lips, finding her cute.”I love you.” He confessed and she was looking at him with wide-open eyes in a shock because he kissed her in public.

“Chill, this is common in public, here.” He answered her unasked question, she shook her head in disbelief.

“Now, do you want to get up or you want to keep sitting like this here ?” He asked, she glared at him. He smiled and helped her in getting up.

“Now, watch me, baby. I will show you, how to do this.” Sana laughed from inside seeing his overconfidence because she knew, he would also fall down.

Like she had thought, he also fell down, even after trying hard to balance himself with the stick. Now, Sana was laughing at him and teasing him. He sat there, holding his knees and got lost in his angel. She stopped laughing after noticing that he was staring at her.

“Sid, I was trying to tease you but you,” She complained like a small kid and he chuckled. Suddenly, he yanked her after grasping her hand and she fell down on him. Both couldn’t balance themselves and started rolling down the sloping hill, covered with snow. They were falling down, hugging each other tightly. Both were screaming loudly.

When they reached down the hill. Sana was on the top of Sid. His arms were wrapped around her tightly like he was trying to shield her with his arms. He loosened the grip of his hands and she looked at him after raising his head. Both burst into laughter as they looked at each other. They were laughing savagely.

Suddenly, he flipped their position. Now, he was on top of her and she was beneath him. He sided her hair which was blocking the view of her beautiful face. He nicely and gently tucked them behind her ear, looking into her eyes. She was already lost in him. He moved closer to her lips. She felt his hot breath on her lips and closed her eyes in response. Their lips met and created the magic. They started kissing each other forgetting about the whole world. Her hands clenched his hair and pulled him closer to herself. In this cold weather, her body was burning with desire. He drove him crazy.

They were panting after the kiss and their eyes were looking into each other eyes intensely, filled with love.

“You are becoming my drug, Angel. What are you doing to me? You really drive me crazy.” He whispered and she smiled.

“I’m Shehnaaz Sidharth Shukla, your wife.” She answered his question and both chuckled softly.

He got up and sat beside her, resting his hand on his knees. His knees were against his chest. “You know, I feel like, you have been hypnotising me since the day I have met you. Are you really doing that ?” He asked raising his eyebrows at her.

“Oh my god, Sid. How do you come to know about this secret ?” She sat beside him and asked like she was shocked.

“I know many more secrets about you.” He grinned.

She narrowed her brows and asked confusingly. “What secrets?”

“That you have kissed a boy in fourth class.” He told her and she widened her eyes in a shock. She hid her face with her hands embarrassingly. Sid was just smiling on her cute antics.

“Sid, I’m so embarrassed.” She cried like a small baby when Sid removed away her hands from her face. She instantly hugged him. He hugged her back, having a smile on his face and kissed her hair.

“I just remember that I had watched the kiss in one movie and I told this to my friend. Then I,” she paused. “I asked him to try this. Stupid me, I’m feeling so embarrassed right now.” She was mortified thinking about this. Sid was controlling his laugh difficultly.

“But wait, who told you this ?” She asked suddenly after breaking the hug. He was just grinning.

“Don’t tell me dad told you this.” As she guessed, he nodded his head in yes. “Oh my god, how could he ?” She was hell shocked and shook her head in disbelief. She couldn’t able to digest that her dad told this to him.

“He is becoming like my friend and I’m taking full advantage of it. Your father is amazing.” He grinned.

“But he shouldn’t have told you this.”

“I’m your husband, Angel. I want you to share everything with me.” He said, placing his hands over her shoulders.

“But this is so embarrassing..” she again cried looking down.

“You know, it is funny and so cool.”

She instantly looked at him. “Cool, really ?” She asked and he nodded his head. She shook her head.

His phone started ringing in his pocket. “I want to know more about your childhood.” He said while removing the gloves from his hand. He slid his hand in his pocket of lower and pulled out his phone.

“Why Cabir is doing video call ?” He murmured and picked up the video call.

“Hi chachu,” A broad smile spread across their face, listening to the cheerful voice of Muskan. She was sitting on the lap of Cabir and the phone was in her hand.

“Where is Chachi? I want to see her.” As Muskan said this, Sana came close to Sid to get fit in the phone screen.

“Hi chachi,” She waved her hand.

“Musu, we are sorry for not taking you on honeymoon with us.” Sana apologised because she was feeling bad.

Sidnaaz were surprised why she was not angry with them.

“Chachi, acha Hua ki aap dono mujhe nhi lekal gye. Agal le jate toh daddy mujhe Disneyland lekal na ja lhai hote. (Chachi, it’s good that you didn’t take me with you. If you had taken me with you then daddy wouldn’t have been taking me to Disneyland. )” Sidnaaz made O shape mouth, knowing the reason of her happiness and they were beyond happy, seeing her happy.

“Musu ask them, how is their honeymoon going on,” Cabir said to Muskan. Sidnaaz shook their head.

“It’s going well Cabir,” Sid answered sternly.

“Musu, we will call you after reaching our hotel. We have to leave, it’s getting late.” Sid said because the sun was setting down and it was getting colder.

“Getting late for what bhai ?” Cabir asked mischievously.

“Shut up, Cabir.” Sid snapped at him.

“Chachu, bye and keep missing me.” She cut the call after saying this, not before giving her flying to them.

“I think, we shall go back, now.” He said looking at Sana and she nodded her head.

“Today, I have a surprise for you.” She told him excitedly when he was helping her to get up.

“Wow, I’m excited. By the way, I have also planned something different for tonight. I want to do that last night only but you were super desperate for me.” She became like a tomato. He was just smiling at her.


Love Mehak

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