(Part: 43) {Sidnaaz} Love Story After Marriage

Part: 43 Missing Each Other

At night after dinner, Sana was panting in her room because she was missing Sid badly. She was making an erotic painting of herself and Sid, they’re lying naked, hugging each other. She came on the earth back as she heard a knock on the door. She went to open the door after keeping the paintbrush and tray of colours on the table.

She opened the door and got surprised to see Jai on the door. He was the only family member, with whom she had never interacted yet.

“Can I come inside?” He asked politely.

She passed him a small smile. “Sure.” She stood on the side, holding the door to give him the way to walk inside the room. He smiled back at her and stepped into the room.

As Jai’s eyes fell over her painting, he asked, gazing at her painting. “This is so mind-blowing. From where did you learn to paint?”

She closed the door and stood beside him. “I didn’t take any classes, it was in my blood, my mom was a great painter.”

He turned his face at her in amazement. “Wow!” He exclaimed, she smiled. “Will you teach me?” He asked like an excited kid.

“Sure.” She laughed.

“Why are you laughing?” He asked narrowing his brows.

“Sidharth is like you only, get excited like a small kid always.” She told him, still laughing.

She stopped laughing as he suddenly uttered. “And he really loves you.”

“I’m really lucky and I love him too.” She smiled at him broadly.

“Shall we sit and talk?” He asked she looked at him bemusedly, having no clue that about what thing he wanted talk. She nodded her head and they settled down.

“Sana, be frank with me. I know we never talked before, and I’m really sorry for that I just didn’t get time, ” As he apologised, she instantly shook her head.

She cut his word and said. “Don’t be sorry, I can understand.”

“You know, Mahi is not my first love, like you I’ve also faced the betrayal in love. I’ve also gone through the same pain which you’ve gone through. So I understand you.” She widened her eyebrows in shock because she didn’t know this. “I was also not ready to trust Mahi like you, but she made me believe in love again with her love. I just want to tell you that ten years has been passed since I went through that pain, but till today even sometimes her memories come in my mind, but I don’t think too much and her memories come and go. I don’t think that why I’m thinking about her because I know, memories can’t be erased from our mind. I just want to say that you should also stop thinking too much about his memories, if his thoughts come in your mind, let them come and start thinking about Sid. If you want then too you can’t erase some memories.” He tried to explain her, she was completely understanding him.

“I know, I’m fine now. It just that I’m afraid to lose him. I really love him a lot and I don’t want to lose him.” She shared her fear with him.

“This fear is common, Sana. We all afraid to lose the person whom we love. Don’t spoil your life by thinking about the future which is unpredictable and thinking about the past which has been passed, try to live in present.”

She warmly smiled at him. “Thank you, I’m feeling much better now.”

“You can share anything with me freely, being your elder brother, I’ll always listen to you and give you the best advice.” He placed his hand on her face. She smiled blissfully at him. She was feeling contented.

“Today, I’m extremely happy to get an elder brother. I love you Bhai.” She confessed, smiling at him contentedly.

“I love too my behna. Always keep smiling like this.” He pulled her cheeks and she laughed.

Jai came back to his room and found Muskan sleeping in the Mahi’s arms. Jai and Mahi passed a smile to each other.

“Did you talk to Sana?” She asked as he lay down on the other side of Muskan, facing her.

He nodded his head. “She’s a nice girl.”

“Yes, a pure soul.”

“Give me your hand.” She looked at him bemusedly as he asked her to give her hand by holding out his hand above Muskan. “Give.” As he said again, she placed her hand on him, looking at him confusingly.

He held her hand firmly and placed a gentle kiss on her soft hand after bringing it near to his lips.

“Thank you for making my life beautiful, Jaan.” He whispered against her hand. She was just smiling at him wholeheartedly.

At night Sana was sleeping with Neyonika. Neyonika suddenly aroused from her deep slumber in the middle of the night and found Sana whispering something in sleep, sweating badly. She stared at her concernedly. She understood that Sana was seeing a nightmare. She switched on the lights.

“Everything is fine, beta.” She gently caressed her forehead, looking at her worriedly.

Sana suddenly woke up, screaming. “Sidharth…” she looked at Neyonika blankly.

“Sid-Sidharth, he left-left me, he will-will leave me, everybody will leave me, Mumma, everybody will leave me. Sabh chodh denge.” She started crying sorrowfully, looking at Neyonika like a scared kid. She was extremely afraid to lose her loved ones, specially Sidharth.

As Neyonika hugged her, she cried more loudly. She closed her eyes dejectedly, seeing her in pain.“No, bacha, he’ll never leave you. Nobody will leave you.” She hid her daughter in her warm arms, consoling her with her soothing words. “You’re not alone. Your Mumma is with you.” She was also crying with Sana and hugging her tighter. “I love you bacha, I’ll never leave you. You’re not alone.” She was just saying this and caressing her back constantly.

She calmed down after a few minutes because of Neyonika. She needed a mother only to assure that she’s not alone and finally she got that assurance. Her warm and peaceful hug controlled her anxiety attack without any medicine and Sidharth.

As they broke the hug, Sana looked at her with her sorrowful eyes, Neyonika clasped her face. “You’re not alone, bacha.” She reassured her and placed a kiss on her forehead.

“I’m sorry, Mumma, I made you cry.” She gently wiped Neyonika’s tears.

“Your Mumma can’t see you in pain, bacha. A mother can’t see their children in pain and you’re not alone, I’m always there for you.” Sana smiled contentedly after hearing her words, but tears were still trickling down Neyonika’s cheeks.

“I’m blessed to get a mom like you. I know you will never leave me, it just that I saw a bad dream and got scared. Now I’m fine, so stop crying because a daughter also can’t see tears in her mother’s eyes.” As Sana said this, Neyonika smiled at her, wiping her tears.

“I love you and I’m always there for you,” Neyonika whispered, placing her hand on her face.

“I know and I’m so so happy to finally get my mother.” Sana kissed her hand. “Can I sleep, hugging you.” She asked innocently from her.

“You don’t have to ask, bacha.” As Neyonika uttered, Sana hugged her tightly, burying her face in her chest. She was feeling so good to be in the arms of her mother. She couldn’t even describe this feeling in words.

“God bless you.” Neyonika hugged her back tighter and kissed her hair.

Next morning

Sana was making breakfast with Mahi in the kitchen. When Neyonika came and started helping them, they both freaked out.

“No mumma, from now your daughters will not let you do work. You sit with Papa at the dining table and spend time with him.” Sana said, snatching the knife from her hand.

“Yes, Sana is right. Now we both will handle all the work. You just relax and leave everything on us.” Mahi said, holding her shoulders.

“But I want to help my daughters.” She complained.

“Don’t you trust us, Mumma?” Sana pouted sadly at her.

The maids who were working in the kitchen, they were smiling seeing their cute fight.

“Of course, I trust you bacha,” Neyonika said, putting her hand on her face.

“Then leave everything on us.” Sana instantly said.

“Okay, I’m going.” Sana and Mahi passed a victory smile to each other.

“But I’ll help you both in lunch,” Neyonika said sternly.

They both chuckled and said in union. “Okay, Mumma.” Neyonika walked out of the kitchen after last time smiling at them.

“Our mother in law is sweetest!” Mahi exclaimed delightfully.

“Because she’s our mother. You know, she has completed my empty life. I’m so blessed to have her.” A lone tear of happiness trickled down her cheek automatically. “I’m also blessed to have a friend cum sister, sister cum bhabhi like you.” She added.

“I’m too lucky to have a friend like you. You’re like my little sister.” Mahi pulled her cheeks.

After the breakfast, Sana rushed to her room to talk to Sid after getting his call. She was counting the time and waiting for his call desperately.

She sat down on the bed and put the phone over her ear. “Hello, Angel.” She closed her eyes and took a deep breath as she heard her Sidharth’s voice. She felt like she got her breath back after long fifteen hours, listening to his pleasant voice which was her favourite.

“Angel, I’m dying to hear your sweet voice.” As he said, her lips curved into a bright smile.

“I missed a lot, Sidharth.” She finally spoke.

“I missed you too. Did you sleep well last night?” He asked concernedly.

“I sleep so peacefully in mumma’s arms, Sid. Don’t worry, I’m fine here. Everybody is taking extra care of me. I’m feeling like I’m a Princess.” She chuckled after saying this. He was relieved to see her happy.

“You’re Princess.” She smiled broadly.

“Did you reach the hotel? There would be night, right?” She asked.

“I’m on the way to hotel and yup, it is night here. You know, I just sat in the car and called you. I’m missing my angel a lot.” The smile was not fading away from her face while talking to him.

They talked for some time. When Sid reached to the hotel, he said. “I’ll call you, angel after getting fresh before sleeping, take care.”

“I love you.”

“I love you more.” He disconnected the call. She was still smiling, holding the phone.

After an hour, he called her back and they talked for an hour, but still didn’t get satisfied.

“I want to talk to you the whole night, but this early morning shoot.” He said sadly like a small kid.

“It’s okay, Sid. You should sleep now. We’ll talk when you get free, but don’t forget to call me after waking up.”

“How can I forget to call you, you remain on my mind twenty fours hours.” She smiled.

“Now cut the call and sleep.”

“Don’t cut the call, just keep talking. Cut the call when I fall asleep.” He was in deep love with her.

“Okay, now close your eyes like a good boy.” She instructed him like a mother.

He closed his eyes and replied like a cute baby. “Done.”

“Good night, my baby and I love you a lot.” She whispered and gave him a kiss.

“I love you too, Angel and your this kiss have turned me on.” She flushed. “When I’ll come back, I won’t let you sleep the whole night.”

“Oh, what you will do?” She asked and bit her lower lip.

“I’ll make love with you in our all the favourite positions and make you scream my name the whole night.” She hid her face with her other hand shyly and regretted asking this question from him.

“Now I need you badly, Sid.” She uttered sadly because his words aroused her.

“The wait will be worth it, Angel and more pleasurable.” She flushed again.

“I just can’t wait.”

After a few minutes when Sid fell asleep, she disconnected the call, having a smile on her face. “I really love you, Sid.” She murmured, staring at his photo on the phone, her lips were drawn up in a beautiful smile.


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