Manan&Sidnaaz Love Story (Part: Fun In Mussoorie)

They completed the shoot within two days, and the next day they reached at top of hills to do paragliding. His angel was scared like always and he was trying to encourage her constantly.

“Angel, just trust me, you gonna enjoy it a lot. Become fearless and enjoy the moment to the fullest. I’m with you.” He clasped her face and motivated her.

“You’re with me and that’s the only reason I’m doing this. I want to do everything with you. I’m ready, let’s go.” He smiled after seeing her confidence and kissed her cheek in front of everybody. She blushed and her eyelashes moved down. As he placed a soft kiss on the other side of the face, she smiled brightly, looking at him. He smiled back, caressing his nose against her.

Then the instructor made them wear the harness and attached the wings to it. He was behind him. “Are you ready, Angel?” He asked.

“Yes,” She shouted and they walked quickly. Soon their feet left the ground and now they are flying in the air over the top of hills. The view of the mountains was looking so incredible from the sky. They were feeling like the blue clouds are close so close to them, and they could even touch them. The cold wind was blowing fast and stroking their face.

She was just admiring the view with open mouth and thanking him for convincing her for the paragliding or else she would have missed the chance to experience this incredible moment. She was enjoying a lot while freely flying in the sky.

“Are you enjoying, Angel?” He asked.

“I’m loving this. This is so incredible. I don’t want to land, I want to fly freely like this with you all my life.” She squealed cheerfully and he smiled broadly after seeing his Angel so happy and enjoying the paragliding. He wanted this only. Her happiness was everything for him.

The cold breeze was stroking their faces and making them feel heavenly good and fresh. It was refreshing both of their souls. They were feeling so fresh and amazing. The moment was so perfect and beautiful for them because they were each with other. She became fearless when she was with him. He was her strength.

“Let’s shout together. It will be fun.” She suggested and her glinted up with the excitement.

“Great idea.” He agreed and smiled.

She did the count down. “Three, two, one…” and they both shrieked loudly and cheerily like two crazy youngsters.

“I love you, Angel.” He confessed, shouting loudly in the sky.

“I love you more, Mr Perfect.” She yelled merrily.

After a few minutes, they landed on the ground, having a broad and cheerful smile on their faces.

He removed wings. She turned around and hugged him tightly, throwing her arms around his neck. “Wow, wow, I enjoyed a lot. Thank you so much for making me experience this.” She squealed delightfully.

He smiled widely, hugging her back firmly. As they broke the hug, she cupped his face and sucked his lips lovingly, forgetting about the people who were around them. He widened his eyes in amazement when his shy angel kissed him in front of so many people.

“Someone is becoming bold today.” He teased her, yanking her towards himself by holding her waist.

“You’re making me bold, Mr Perfect. You know, the effect of the company.” She said, wrapping her arms around his neck. They both chuckled, gazing into each other eyes deeply. They were kissing each other hearts through their eyes.

“Oh Angel, you’re making me a bit more crazy in love with each passing day. What the magic you’re doing on me?” He asked in disbelief.

“Don’t you know the magic?” She asked in shock.

He shook his head. “No,”

“I’m doing the same magic which you’re doing on me, Mr Perfect. You’re doing that same magic on me and you’re saying you don’t know, this is a big fat lie.” She laughed loudly after saying this.

He got lost in her. “She looks so beautiful when she laughs like this freely without any tension. I want to see her always laughing like this.” He thought, gazing at her fondly.

After that the visited some other place to do valley crossing and skywalk which they enjoyed a lot.

Now he took bullet bike on rent for a day. He was helping her in wearing the helmet carefully and she was looking at him adoringly.

“You know, this is the first time, I’m going to take a bike ride and that too in the mountains. I’m so excited.” She was going crazy with the excitement and her eyes were sparkling. He could clearly see happiness in her eyes.

He gently kissed her hand before straddling the bike. He put on the helmet and she sat astride the bike behind him. She wrapped his hands around him and placed her head against his back. He wasn’t looking less than the movie of a hero in the black denim jacket. He was looking so cool.

“Hold me tightly, Angel and enjoy the ride with your Mr Perfect.” He instructed her, holding the handle of bike.

“I’m ready, Mr Perfect. Let’s go.” As she said, hugging him tighter, he started the bike.

They were screaming loudly, going crazy and enjoying the bike ride to fullest on the mountains. As he slowed down the speed, she stood up, placing her both hands over his shoulder to balance herself. She raised her one hand in the air and shouted cheerfully, and he laughed.

After a few minutes, he parked the bike in the middle of the jungle. She sat in front of him wrapping her legs around his waist. Both took off each other’s helmets and hung them on the handle of bike. He tucked her hair properly behind her ears, gazing at her lovingly.

After that he clasped her face and kissed her delicious lips, he was addicted to them. She kissed him back deeply, gripping his denim jacket. He slid his hands into her top while kissing her. He was trailing his hand up her stomach and she was shivering with his touch. He finally found her twins which were his favourite assets. He grabbed them and squeezed them over the bra. She moaned in his mouth. He pinched her nipples and bit her lower lip. He massaged and kneaded her twins, kissing her hungrily and passionately. They forgot about the whole world when their lips met.

She wrapped her arms around him firmly and rubbed herself against his crotch up and down, kissing him deeply and crazily. After kissing her lips, he attacked toward her neck. He was nibbling and kissing all over her neck and she was running her fingers in his hair. His touch was like heaven on the earth for her. She really loved it when his lips brushed against her warm skin. It electrified her whole body.

He pushed her down against the bike and raised her top from her tummy. She leaned down over her stomach and placed a few tender and softs kisses all over her belly. She closed her eyes, enjoying the touch of her lips. He was taking her to heaven and setting her body on the fire. They were romancing in the middle of the mountains, forgetting about the whole world. They were enjoying this moment a bit more than any other moments.

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Love Mehak


  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Loved the update…
    Loved the way manik always motivates nandu to do new things to try new things bcoz he us always there to support her in everything in that way he convinced her to do paragliding which she loved so much and enjoyed the fullest…
    Loves the description of there bike ride the fun they where having…
    Hayee hayee cold cold weather mai manan ka hot hot romance hehe…


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