(Part: 20 Growing Love) Lost Love

“If one day, Nandita comes back then what will happen?” As I asked with a gloomy expression, he moved his eyelashes down silently and turned to leave without answering her question, but she stopped him from going by holding his hand.

“Sidharth, I won’t let you go today like this.” She spoke after coming in front of him. He was avoiding eye contact with her because he had no answer to her question.

“Please, look into my eyes, Sidharth, please.” She clasped his face and requested him. He finally looked at her like a helpless kid. She felt like crying seeing his helplessness.

“I know, you have no answer of my question.” She spoke after taking a deep breath, gazing at him.

“Because you have been loving Nandita from your birth. She is your world, you can’t leave her for me. There is no doubt that you don’t love me. You love me, Sidharth, I know but the truth is that you love Nandita more than me. Usko tum ab bhi mujhe jada pyaar karte ho,” A tear fell down her cheek as she spoke dejectedly. It is very difficult to accept that the person whom you love, that person loves another girl more than you. For you, that person means your world but for him, another girl is his world. It was hurting her a lot to explain the truth to him but still, she was explaining him by stabbing the knife into her heart, herself.

“I am craving for your love but Nandita has right on your love. Believe me, I have no plans to snatch her right. The biggest truth is that I am craving for your love but more than that I am craving to see your happiness. I really want to see you happy. From the day I met you, not even for a single second, I could able to live in peace. My peace is in your happiness, please at least be my friend. I want to give you all the happiness of life.” She confessed everything. Whatever was going in her heart from the day she met him, she just confessed.

“Why do you love the person like me so much ?” He asked incredulously, looking in her eyes. He was shocked to see the girl whom he always insulted and blamed for everything, how could that girl love him so much? He was falling in love with her more seeing her love. She understood him more than he had ever understood himself. His each and every word was vividly showing him how much she loved him.

“Sidharth, pyaar toh bsh ho jata hai, agar pyaar kisi reason se ho toh voh sacha pyaar nhi hota. (Sidharth, love just happens without any reason. If love happens because of any reason than it’s not true love.)” She indirectly told him that how truly she loved him. She had no reason why she loved him but she only knew that she loved him truly. She was making him fall in love with her more and more through her words.

“I really love you.” He automatically confessed and kissed her one hand after closing his eyes. She smiled, having happy tears in her eyes after listening to those three magical words because her ears were craving to hear those words. She found some kind of peace in his confession. They both got lost in each other for a few minutes by touching their faces. The water was touching their feet and the cold breeze was caressing their skin. They were getting immense peace in each other presence. That moment was very precious for both of them. They wanted to love each other till infinity, but the saddest thing was that they couldn’t.

After some time, she sat on the sand holding her knees.

“Come sit.” She asked him to sit with her, looking at him. He sat beside her like the way she was sitting. She smiled at him, and he was just gazing at her, having so much love in his eyes for her.

“You know when a few years back, I had lost my mother. I came here and felt her around me. I never cried, I always remembered her with a smile.”

She started telling him about her childhood, about her mother, about her hobbies, about her worst incident, she was telling him everything about herself and he was completely lost in her. He was getting some kind of peace by listening to her sweet and pleasant voice and by seeing her angelic face. They didn’t come to know how three hours passed away. It was getting darker, the sun was about to set and he was lost in her.

The wind was blowing fast, and he noticed her shivering. He pulled out his jacket and wrapped his jacket around her. She gazed at him fondly, having a blissful smile on her face. She was overwhelmed with happiness, seeing his sweet gesture of love. For a few minutes, they got lost in each other intense eyes. He set back. She closed her eyes and inhaled his fragrance from his jacket, clutching it. She felt like he was touching her body through his jacket. She had a contented smile on her face. She was feeling so happy after so many days. She didn’t care about the future, she was enjoying the precious moments with him to fullest.

“Sidharth, you can keep your head on my lap. You need to sleep.” After sometimes, she uttered when he was busy gazing at her intensely.

“It’s okay, I am fine.” He replied back and she made a sad pout.

“Please…” she requested cutely looking at him. This time he couldn’t able to deny her request and nodded his head positively. He lay down, putting his head over her lap. She smiled and ruffled his hair lovingly. Both were looking into each other eyes, having so much love in their eyes. He clasped her hand and kissed her knuckles. She closed her eyes automatically to feel the touch of his lips on her hand.

“Tell me something more about your childhood.” He said like a small baby and she just smiled at him. She was caressing his hair with her one hand and her other hand was entwined with his hand.

She was telling him about her childhood and he was playing with her fingers like a small baby. After a few minutes only, he slept. She smiled wholeheartedly, seeing him sleeping peacefully on her lap. His peaceful sleep was giving her peace. After gently caressing his forehead, she leaned down and kissed his forehead lovingly. Next moment, he dug his face in her tummy, wrapped his hand around her waist and slept like a small baby sleep hugging her mother in her lap. In the same way, he also slept hiding his face her tummy. She smiled broadly, gazing at him fondly.

The wind was blowing fast and she was shivering, but still she removed her jacket and covered him properly with it because she didn’t want to disturb his peaceful sleep. She knew that he was sleeping like this after ages.

He had been sleeping from four hours peacefully, hiding his face in her tummy. She was shivering badly because of coldness, her back started paining, but the blissful smile was not leaving her face. She was constantly ruffling his hair lovingly and after every few minutes, she kissed his head.

As two drops of water fell over her, she got to know, it started raining. She was not understanding how to wake him up, she really didn’t want to disturb his peaceful sleep. Luckily he himself woke up, having bewitching smile on his face, because after 16 years, he had slept peacefully. His precious smile took away her breath. Her heart was jumping with joy inside, seeing his smile for the first time. She found his smile so beautiful and precious. She wanted to keep his smile safe inside her heart forever and ever. Both got lost in each other eyes for a few minutes.

Seeing the darkness all around, he understood that he had slept for many hours.

“For how long I have slept ?” He sat beside her and asked.

“Four hours?” She answered him and smiled, hugging her knees near to her herself tightly because she was shivering in cold.

“What? I slept for four hours in your lap? ” he asked in utter disbelief.

She nodded her head positively.

“You must be feeling tired? Why didn’t you wake me up ?” He freaked out. She smiled, seeing him concerned for her.

“I didn’t want to disturb your peaceful sleep.” As she told him, he got lost in her intense eyes which were filled with love.

“We should go inside before it starts raining heavily.” He stood up after a few minutes. She nodded and got up. She was feeling so weak and her head was spinning. she was not understanding what was happening with her.

Suddenly she felt dizzy and about to fall down putting a hand on the forehead, but before she could fall down, he caught her in his protective arms. For a few minutes, they gazed in each other eyes deeply and intensely. She was feeling so safe in his arms.

“Oh god, Shehnaaz, you have a fever.” He freaked out when he felt her body warm. He touched her forehead worriedly to check.

“We should go inside.” He hastily lifted her in his arms anxiously and rushed into the room. She was just gazing at him in disbelief. She was surprised and happy to see him worried about her. Her head was spinning, she was feeling extreme pain in her head, but the smile was not leaving her face, seeing his caring nature. She was the happiest soul seeing his changed behaviour. She felt like she was seeing a dream. This was moment was very special for her.

He covered her with the comforter after lying her on the bed. He asked for the first Aid box from her and hurriedly brought the box from the drawer. He anxiously took out the thermometer from first aid box, sitting beside her. He was so much anxious for her and all his action were clearly showing how much he loved her. She was just gazing at him, having a small smile on her face. She was going crazy seeing his care and thanking God for making her ill. For seeing his caring side, she was ready to get ill so many times.

“Open your mouth.” He asked her to open her mouth and she confusingly widened her eyes.

“I want to check your temperature.” He told her, showing her thermometer. She first looked at the thermometer and then opened her mouth, looking at him. He put the thermometer inside her mouth and she closed her mouth. He was worriedly looking at the temperature and she was looking at him. After a minute, as it beeped, he took out the thermometer.

“Oh god, Shehnaaz, it is showing that you have a 102-degree fever.” He again freaked out after looking at the temperature. She was sitting tension free and thanking god constantly.

“I am fine, Sidharth.” She told him, holding his hand.

“No you are not, Shehnaaz.” He said worriedly.

“After sixteen years, I have slept peacefully and my peaceful sleep made you ill.” He uttered dejectedly, looking down blaming himself for her illness.

“Stop blaming yourself for everything bad happening in this world.” She scolded him and he pouted sadly at her like a baby.

Then he took out the medicine from first aid box and gave to her. When she was taking the medicine, he was looking at her worriedly.

“You should sleep for some time. I am ordering the dinner and when the food comes, I will wake you up.” He covered her with the blanket properly and she was just smiling at him wholeheartedly.

“Thank you.” She murmured after placing her hand on his face.

“For what ?” He narrowed his brows in confusion.

“For taking care of me like my mother.” She answered him merrily and he lovingly kissed her forehead. In response, she closed her eyes and she felt so good when his lips brushed against her skin. She was loving the way, he was taking care of her. She was falling in love with changed Sidharth more. But her heart was crying because Nandita had first right on his love and she came after her. For the first time after seeing his sweet nature,  she wished to be his Nandita.


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