(Part: 21) Lost Love

Sidharth was gazing at Shehnaaz who was sleeping from one hour after ordering the dinner from Zomato. He was sitting on the couch. He was finding so much peace in seeing her. He was feeling like an angel was sleeping in front of his eyes. He could stare at her like this for so many more hours. His heart and soul was at peace. He was falling in love with her more and more with each passing minute.

He came back to the earth as his phone rang. It was the call from Zomato to inform him that the order was reached. He glanced at her before walking out of the room to receive the order. He went into the kitchen to reheat the food for Shehnaaz because it became cold. He looked at the kitchen confusingly as for the first time, he had stepped into the kitchen. He transferred the Dal into the pan and put on the stove. But he was not understanding how to turn on the stove. He was standing confusingly, staring at the gas stove. Finally, he got an idea and he took out his phone. Searched on YouTube ‘how to turn on the gas stove’. After watching the video, Mr Sidharth Shukla finally understood the process. He turned on the gas and put the pan on the gas stove and sighed with relief. But his story of first time entering in the kitchen, it didn’t end her.

He waited for a few minutes and when the dal started boiling again, he turned off the gas immediately. When he touched the pan to pick it up. He immediately took his hand away as the pan became hot. Then with the service spoon, he transferred the dal into a bowl. All his actions were the evidence that he was in so much love with Shehnaaz. For her, he entered into the kitchen for the first time and turned on the gas stove. In this, he also burned his hand but he didn’t care. He just wanted to make her eat proper warm food.


He stepped into the room with a plate of food in his hand. He strolled toward Shehnaaz after putting the plate on the table. He was not understanding how to wake her up from her sleep. He thought for a few seconds, and then he leaned over her and woke her up so lovingly.

“Shehnaaz.” He whispered, caressing her forehead and she smiled in her sleep, recognising his touch. Seeing her beautiful smile, automatically a bright smile spread across his face.

“Shehnaaz.” He again murmured softly, still stroking her forehead. Next moment, she opened her eyes and smiled broadly, seeing him in front of her eyes and again he mechanically smiled back.

“Are you really here?” she asked to confirm because seeing him smiling in front of her eyes. It was like a dream. He smiled and nodded his head positively.

“How are you feeling now ?” He asked concernedly after standing up straight.

“Great.” She answered him absently still wondering about his precious smile. She was feeling great after seeing him smiling like this.

“You still have a fever and you are feeling great.” He shook his head in disbelief. He didn’t know that she was feeling because of his charming smile.

“You smile, it took away my all pain.” She whispered, gazing at him with so much love in her eyes for him. Her words made him speechless. For a few minutes, they gazed into each other eyes deeply. Then she tried to get up but couldn’t because of weakness. Holding her shoulder, he helped her to sit up on bed properly and they again got lost in each other eyes. They talked to each other through their eyes more than words.

She made cute faces when he brought the plate of food from the table because she was not feeling like to eat anything. He sat in front of her and gave her the plate.

“Won’t you eat ?” She asked immediately taking the plate and he shook.

“If you don’t eat, I will also not eat.” She said stubbornly, putting the plate on the side.

He looked at her pleadingly.

“Okay, I will eat with you.” He agreed for her and picked up the plate because he didn’t find any other option. She cutely smiled showing her all teeth.

“First you eat.” She asked him to eat as he held out the plate in front of her.

“That’s like a good boy.” She said happily, looking at him when he ate one bite. Then she ate, her eyes remained fix at him. Both were eating one by one, gazing at each other fondly. She was extremely happy because he was with her. She knew that they wouldn’t be together forever but she wanted to live each and every moment with him wholeheartedly.

“Sidharth, how this happened?” She asked worriedly as her eyes fell over the burnt mark which was on his hand.

“It’s fine.” He replied her casually as nothing had happened.

“Your hand has been burnt and you are saying it’s fine.” She freaked out and held his hand. Her eyes brimmed with tears after seeing his burned hand. She was looking at his hand anxiously and he was looking at her in disbelief. He was shocked to see her teary eyes, but it was hurting him too, seeing tears in her eyes.

“Really, it is not hurting, Shehnaaz. I am not lying.” He placed his other hand on her face and tried to make her believe that it was not hurting him. She looked at him sadly and a lone tear directly fell on his hand. She held his hand with her both hands and closing her eyes, she gently kissed the burnt mark.

He was surprised to see her care. As she kissed his hand, the little pain which he had, it also vanished away immediately. This was the power of her kiss.

“I think, you should sleep now.” He stood up from bed after picking up the plate.

“Okay.” She agreed and nodded her head because of the fever, her head was spinning. After putting the plate on the table, he helped her to lie down and then properly covered her with the comforter. She was just gazing at him, smiling contentedly.

“Can’t friends share the bed together?” When he was about to go, she stopped him by holding his hand. She didn’t ask him to sleep with her for herself. She asked him to sleep with her because she knew that he needed the warmth of her arms to sleep peacefully. Or else like before, the nightmare wouldn’t let him sleep.

He turned toward her and she was looking at him with pleading eyes which were requesting him to sleep with her. First, he thought to deny her, but as he at her face, he changed his mind.

Somewhere he also wanted to sleep again peacefully and he knew that he would get that peaceful sleep only in her arms. When he turned off the lights without answering her questions, she pouted disappointedly, thinking that he was not going to sleep with her. As he came on the bed, she smiled wholeheartedly. She turned her face to another side to say thank you to god. She turned toward him and found him gazing at her fondly. She covered him with her comforter, having a smile on her face.

Then making Shehnaaz shocked, he himself took her in his protective arms. She felt so good to be in his arms. She could hear his heartbeat which already became her favourite music. Her head was paining badly a few minutes back but after coming into his arms, she forgot all her pain. She found just one thing in his arms that was only and only peace. Same was with Sidharth, he also found so much peace after taking her in his arms. Within a few seconds, both fell asleep, cuddling each other. That beautiful sight was witnessed by the whole room.

In the morning, the sunlight was peeking into the room through the window. Sidnaaz were sleeping without any care, peacefully in each other arms.

As Shehnaaz woke up, she smiled to the fullest after waking in the arms of the person who was his world. She hugged him tighter and closed her eyes.

After a few minutes, she looked at his gorgeous face. His face was glowing because of sun rays which were coming inside the room. She kissed his forehead lovingly, having a beautiful smile on her face. After kissing him, as she looked at him, she found him smiling at her cheerfully. She again smiled to the fullest after seeing his beautiful smile which was very precious for her. She had never thought that one day she would become the reason for his smile.

“Good morning.” He wished her and gently kissed her forehead. She closed her eyes in response. She was feeling like she was dreaming, waking in his arms was the dream which she had been seeing every day from the day she had met him. She was extremely happy because finally one by one, her all dreams were becoming true. But the fear of living without him in future was also hurting her because he belonged to someone else, he didn’t belong to her. Whenever she thought about this, her heart cried.

“Couldn’t we stay like this for a few minutes more?” She asked, hugging him firmly, burying her face in his chest. He just hugged her tighter in response. He also wanted to stay in her arms because the peace he was getting, he couldn’t even describe in words. Her arms were not less than heaven for him. She shed silent tears wondering what she would do without him. She wanted to wake up every day in his arms and wanted to sleep in his arms every night, but the fear of losing him in future was already haunting her. Sidharth was just enjoying the moment of being in her arms, forgetting about everything.


Shehnaaz was taking shower, having a bright smile on her face. She was wondering about all the beautiful moment which she had spent with him and also how he was taking care of her. She was utterly fine now after sleeping in his arms. This was the magic of sleeping in his arms. Her smile was not leaving her face. Her heart and her soul, both were at peace after seeing him smiling and trying to live life. All these were the best moments of her life. Her happiness, she couldn’t even describe in words. She was feeling like she was flying in the sky freely with him but she had a fear of cutting down of her wings. She didn’t want to think about the future, she wanted to live in present, but it was not easy for her to not think about the future.

After a few minutes, she turned off the shower. She mentally slapped her mind when she realised that she had forgotten her clothes on the bed only.

“What should I do now?” She wondered, eating her nails nervously. She wrapped the towel around her body and peeked outside to check if he was in room or not. She sighed with when she didn’t find him in the room. She rushed outside and locked the door of the room.

“You are an idiot, Shehnaaz.” She scolded herself and strode toward the bed to pick up the cloth. She picked up the cloth and about to leave toward the bathroom but froze, seeing Sidharth. He was stepping into the room from the private beach. He also froze as his eyes fell over her. She was standing in front of him, just in the towel which was wrapped around her and coming up to her mid-thigh. Her wet hair was making her hotter. He felt like to suck all the water droplets from her body. He sauntered towards her, gazing at her. Her heartbeat quickened and her breath became heavy. She was not understanding, what she should do. She became blank at that moment. The way he was gazing at her, she was going crazy with his intense gaze. She had never seen him, giving such intense looks before. Then he…

To be continued…


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Love Mehak

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