(Part: 17) Burning Desires (Manan)

Manik’s POV:

“Damn… This is such a torture to see you cooking, silently.” I whispered, snaking my arm around her waist from behind.

“Manik, behave! Let me concentrate.” She said, removing my hands, without giving a single glance at me.


Seriously? Is this food is more important than me?

“You are so bad!” I pouted.

She glanced at me. “Stop pouting.” She said again without giving me any attention.

“I don’t pout, it’s your department.” I defended myself.

“Yeah, yeah.” She murmured.

“Are you sure you can cook? We can order Pizza anytime you know.” I teased her, leaning against the kitchen counter and crossing my arms, she kept chopping the vegetables.

“I made a mistake. I should have asked you to come over after I was done cooking.” She glared at me and continued to focus on the potatoes.

“Why? Am I distracting you by being all hot and sexy?” I smirked, raising my eyebrows and she rolled her eyes.

“More like being annoying.” She muttered under her breath, making me laugh. I kept watching her every move like a hawk and she stopped her work, placing her hands on her hip.

“See, it’s not my fault, you’re literally looking hell sexy in this apron.” I said raising my hands in the air.

A small smile crept on her face as I kept gazing at her.

“How can someone look so cute and annoying at the same time?” She muttered while stirring the gravy in the pan, I chuckled.

“I guess, in the same way, you look cute and hot at the same time.” I whispered near her ear, snaking my arms around her waist.

“Well, that means, I’m rubbing off on you?” She grinned widely after turning towards me, gazing deeply into my eyes.

“Definitely,” I smiled, kissing her nose and her smile grew wider.

“I love spending time with you, Nandini,” I whispered, caressing her soft cheeks with my thumbs and she closed her eyes, licking her lips.

“I love it too.” She smiled, encircling her arms around my neck. I just captured her lips without thinking twice. My skin is burning with desires which I can only feel around her. We both are kissing each other with so much need and urgency as if our life depends on this.

“What are you doing to me, Manik?” She breathed against my lips as my hands pushed her skirt up, tracing the length of her soft milky thighs. I can feel her womanhood getting wet which literally turned me on, more.

“You’re mine, Nandini. Only, mine.” I whispered, kissing her neck and she threw her head back, giving me proper access.

I groaned out loud as she too started opening my pants.

“Yes, I’m yours forever and you’re mine always.” She murmured, pushing me against the wall, placing her lips over mine, I slammed her lips instantly.

“Mmm..something burning,” I spoke against her lips and she pulled back immediately, turning her attention to the food that was burnt crisp.

“Fuck,” She rushed to the stove and turned it off hastily, adorning a cute little frown on her face and I tried so hard not to laugh.

“Umm… How about some Pizza?” I asked and she gave me a deadly glare that shut me up.

“This is all your fault. I told you not to distract me with your this stupid sexy face.” She grumbled and walked outside the kitchen making me chuckled.

Angry Bird!

“Come on, baby. I’m sure it would have tasted good.” I spoke, following her closely behind.

“You are just saying that to console me.” She sat down on the couch and I occupied her actions, pulling her closer towards me by grasping her waist.

“I mean it, and if it makes you feel any better, I wouldn’t mind eating the burnt food too.” I tried to cheer her up and she kept staring at me before bursting into laughter.

Okay! Now, I’m definitely ready to eat that burnt food, if in return she will laugh like this.

My baby!

“Sometimes I just wanted to eat you up, Mr Malhotra.” She spoke between her laugh.

“Who is stopping you, Miss. Kapoor?” I chuckled and took out my phone to order dinner. She lifted her butts and sat on my lap. She snatched the phone from my hand and tossed it on the couch before I could say something.

“Well, first we should finish what we started.” She blushed, taking my lips in an instant, throwing me off guard and I balanced her with my hands, grabbing her ass while she continued to shower me with kisses down my neck.

She is definitely crazy and driving me crazy too, and I’m loving every bit of it.

“I told you right that I’m gonna make it make it up for you, for that bathrobe, remember?” She murmured against my lips.

“Fuck, Nandini.” I groaned, getting hard in an instant and she started to remove her apron, gazing at me sexily, but I stopped her.

“What?” She asked with a confused look on her face.

“Leave it on. It’s sexy.” I gave her a sheepish grin while she narrowed her eyes at me.

“You’re impossible, Mr Malhotra.” She chuckled, placing her lips over mine, once again.

“Only for you, baby girl.” I spoke, against her skin as she buried her head between the crook of my neck. We’re kissing each other neck. We were suddenly interrupted by the loud ringing of my phone and I cursed under my breath.

“Who is it?” She asked breathlessly while I pulled her closer to me, dipping my head in the crook of her neck, placing wet kisses all over her neck.


” I don’t care, Nandini. Let it be.” I cut her off, holding her more tightly.

“It could be someone important.” She stood up from my lap.

“Ugghhh! Fine. Where is that damn phone?” I asked, almost on the verge of killing the person who interrupted us. She took the phone from the couch where she had thrown earlier and glanced at the screen. I noticed her eyes go wide and red hue appeared on her soft cheeks.

“Cabir!” She whispered softly, passing the phone and sat down on the couch.


Oh… How can I forget him!

I took the phone from her hand and read the message on screen which made me almost drop the phone.

Cabir: I know that you’re pretty much busy, practising baby making process with your baby girl, but don’t forget to come early tomorrow, we have a very important meeting.

“Cabir! I’m gonna kill you.” I muttered, placing my phone on the couch.

“I told you, let it be.” I pouted sitting next to her while she kept blushing, making me chuckled.

“Wh–what are you doing, Manik?” She gasped in shock as I lifted her off the couch.

“Let’s take a shower together,” I smirked, making my ways upstairs and she held on to my neck tightly.

“Hehe, Not a bad idea.” She giggled, pecking my lips.

How can a single person make you so damn happy?

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