Desire To Control Her (Part: 29 Breaking My Own Rules)

I stopped the car in front of Butterfly’s place and moved my eyes to her. She is sleeping, placing her head over my shoulder and snoring softly. She looks even more beautiful while sleeping. I gently tucked her hair behind her ear which was coming over her face and disturbing her peaceful sleep. I leaned down and mechanically placed a soft kiss on her forehead. This is the second time I have kissed her forehead and that too when she is sleeping.

Now I’m not understanding how to break her beauty sleep.

“I want to sleep with you.” Her lips parted and she murmured in sleep, my eyes widened in shock.

She is saying this in sleep also, I’m stunned.

Next moment I don’t know what came to my mind that I swiftly raised her from her seat and made her sit over my lap, placing her legs on the other seat and resting her head on my chest.

She snuggled in my arms like a baby, burying her face in my chest and I smiled at her.

She is so adorable!

I pressed the button and the seat moved back. Now we’re in the lying position, just my legs are on the floor.

I know today I’m breaking my own rule by sleeping with my submissive but it’s better than breaking my butterfly’s beauty sleep.

I engulfed her in my arms, pulling her closer to myself. She fitted in my arms so perfectly like they have been made for her only. I’m so surprised.

She grasped my coat, snuggling in me more and more.

“She must be feeling cold.” Suddenly a thought struck my mind.

As I moved her away from me to remove my coat, she cried out in sleep like a small baby, “no, please.”

So cute!

I hastily removed my coat and covered her with it, again embracing her into my warm arms tightly.

I’m feeling out of the world after holding my Butterfly in my arms.

This feeling is new for me but I don’t want to think about what is it as right now I just only want to enjoy this moment.

She’s in my arms, it’s heaven on the earth. This moment is perfect for me.

Seriously, there is something wrong with me. This girl is doing something to me.

I fell asleep with a contented smile on my face, holding my Butterfly tightly in my arms.

Butterfly’s P.O.V.

I woke up and snuggled in the warm arms with a contented smile on my face. I’m feeling like I’m in heaven right now.

But as I realised that I’m in my Master’s arms right now, I raised my head from his chest and my eyes dilated in utter shock.

Now I’m sitting straddling him and staring at him in surprise.

Did I really sleep in his arms or it’s a dream? I wondered bemusedly because I clearly remember that last night he had strictly denied sleeping with me.

“I think this is my dream.” I murmured and pouted sadly at him.

Suddenly he opened his eyes and uttered, “you aren’t dreaming, Butterfly. It’s reality.”

I shook my head. “No, you’re in my dream. I just can’t believe that this is reality.”

“So how do I make you believe?” He asked, raising his brows.

“Pinch me.”

He raised his head from the seat and moved closer to my face, gazing at me intensely. “But, Butterfly, I have a better idea than this to make you believe that this is reality.” He whispered and as his warm breath caressed my lips, a shiver rushed down my spine and my whole body burned with the deep desires like every time.

“Please, make me believe that this is reality, not a dream.” I begged him, clutching his collars.

I badly want this to be real but if it’s a dream, I never want to wake up from this heavenly beautiful dream.

I’m lying over him. Our chests are pressing against each other and our heart is beating in sync. We’re gazing into each other deeply and intensely, breathing heavily because of our proximity.

All these things are vividly stating to me that this is reality but still I want to be hundred percent sure that this is not the dream because seriously it’s quite difficult to believe that he slept with me last night when he had strictly denied sleeping with me.

I froze and closed my eyes as his soft lips touched mine. “Let’s make you believe that this isn’t a dream.” He whispered against my lips, taking my breath away.

Then he took my lips in his warm mouth and sucked them so softly, taking my breath away from me.

Oh, my God! I’m dead! I’m just feeling out of the world right now.

He sucked my lower lip and I automatically sucked his upper lip. He’s kissing me so softly right now like my lips are made up of glass. I’m feeling so damn incredible after tasting his luscious lips, they taste so delicious and I’m one of the lucky women to taste them. I’m feeling like he is stealing my breath away from me and giving back his breath to me.

“Your lips are like rose petals, Butterfly.” He whispered huskily after breaking the kiss, touching his face with mine. I’m just lost in him. Seriously I’m feeling like he has taken me to another world. I’m feeling so incredible right now that I can’t even describe it in words. I never felt like this before.

He again softly sucked my lips and whispered, “I never tasted such heavenly yummy lips before in my life.” He is gazing into my eyes intensely.

Now I captured his lips and as I cupped his face, he harshly removed my hands, making me shocked. This time he devoured my lips roughly after pinning my hands against my back by grasping my wrists tightly. It’s a pure dominating kiss. Now I’m feeling like a Dom is kissing me. But the first time when he kissed me, it was something else, it was so pure and surreal.

But now with this dominating kiss, he is setting my whole body on fire with wild desires. He is exploring every inch of my mouth with his tongue and nibbling my lips and sucking them hard. I’m sure my lips will be swelled after this hard kiss. But I can feel how passionately he is kissing me and arousing me.

“My submissives aren’t allowed to touch me.” He said in a serious tone after breaking the kiss and staring into my eyes darkly. My hands are still pinned behind my back by him.

“Then who is allowed to touch you.” I asked him.

“No one. I just don’t like it when someone touches me.” He said in a gravelly voice.

“But I want to touch you, Master. Please.” I requested.

“It’s a rule, Butterfly.” His tone is so damn stern and intense, his eyes are scorching.

“Who made this rule? I don’t like it. Please, change it.” I argued, playing with the massive fire.

“I made this rule and you have to follow it. If you don’t follow it or break this rule, I’ll bound your hands and kiss you even more harder next time.” He warned me sternly, grasping my wrists tighter.

“Okay, now leave my hands. It’s hurting me a bit.” I said grimly.

I’m upset because I can’t touch him.

I hate this rule.

He instantly left my hands and apologised, “I’m sorry, I didn’t want to hurt you.”

“Are you really sorry?” I asked him and he nodded.

“Then prove it.” I demanded.

His eyes widened a bit in shock because he wasn’t expecting this.

“I know now you will say, ‘I’m your Master, Butterfly, I don’t have to prove anything to you’ so leave it.”

“I’ll prove to you that I’m seriously sorry for hurting you, Butterfly.” Now my eyes widened in shock after listening to this.

I wasn’t expecting this. He is unpredictable. His mood changes so fast.

Now I became excited and said, “okay, then prove it.”

He softly clasped my hands and placed so many soft and tender kisses on my both wrists, making me feel so good. I closed my eyes to feel his touch, my lips are drawn up to a beatific smile.

I opened my eyes and uttered, gazing at him deeply. “If this is what I get after you hurt me, then I want you to hurt me again.”

“You’re unbelievable, Butterfly.” He said, shaking his head.

“Am I unbelievable? You’re more unbelievable than me. I mean last night I was requesting you so much to sleep with me but you weren’t ready to listen to me but then you slept with me in this car. Tell me why?”

“How much do you talk man!”

“I know I talk a lot. But you tell me why did you break your own rule by sleeping with me last night.” I asked, getting curious to know this.

I want to know badly that what changed his mind last night that he slept with me.

He sighed deeply. “I just didn’t want to disturb your sleep, Butterfly.” He answered me in a soft voice, placing his hand over my face and my whole body shivered with his touch. His mare touch drives me insane.

“Don’t you think, now you should be punished for breaking your own rule?” I asked teasingly and grinned widely at him.

“Do you want to punish you Master, Butterfly?” He asked incredulously.

I shook my head instantly and said, “no, no, I want you to punish yourself. Am your submissive, how can you even think that I’ll punish you? You think anything.” I slightly slapped his bicep.

“I’m Master here and I have the right to change the rules. So no punishment for me.” He said and I rolled my eyes, forgetting about the rules.


“Hww! So in this relationship, all the punishments are for submissive only. That’s so unfair.” I complained.

“Oh, God! Butterfly, from where do you get so much energy to speak?” He asked me in a disbelief tone.

Thank God! He didn’t notice that I rolled my eyes.

“I have been born with this talent of speaking nonstop.” I laughed out after saying this and a smile flashed on his face.

“By the way, I’m so happy that you changed the rule last night because now I can sleep in my Master’s arms.” I squealed with joy and hugged him. I’m still sitting on his lap, straddling him.

But what he did next, broke my heart a bit.


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