Desire To Control Her (Part: 57 Truth And Dare) Manan

Master’s P.O.V.

“What game?” Butterfly asked excitedly.

“What about truth and dare?” Lara suggested.

“Yes, this is my favourite game.” Butterfly squealed with profound excitement.

With our drinks, we started playing the game.

Max rolled the bottle and everyone’s eyes are fixed on the bottle. It stopped at Alex.

“Yippee. Alex, please, choose truth.” Butterfly begged Alex to choose truth and I just stared at her in disbelief.

Why she is forcing him to choose the truth? I wondered confusedly.

“No, Never. I’m choosing Dare because I know you’ll ask me about my submissive if I choose Truth.”

Oh, so this was the reason.

“Yes, Yes, a dare popped into my mind. I’ll give him Dare.” Suddenly Butterfly shouted, going insane with excitement like a kid.

“What?” Alex asked after clearing his throat.

“You have to call your submissive and ask her to come here right now.” I made O mouth and she smiled with self-pride, raising her eyebrows after giving him a dare.

“Wow! Nandini, you’re so smart.” Max gave Butterfly a high five and she grinned widely with triumph.

“Call her, Alex, what are you waiting for. Complete the Dare.” Dev spoke up.

I’m certain that right now Alex would be wondering why did he agree to play truth and Dare with my clever Butterfly.

“I’m sorry, guys. She is out of town.” Butterfly’s lips drew down in sadness.

“Shit!” She mumbled dejectedly.

“Hey, cheer up. It’s okay.” I whispered, clasping her hand.

“But I want to know who is his submissive.” She pouted at me adorably, making me smile.

“You’re cute.” I pulled her cheek and finally, she smiled.

“I don’t think you’re going to ever make us meet her in this birth.” Max shook his head, making us laugh.

He rolled the bottle again and this time it stopped at Dev.

“A dare came up in my mind, yes, yes.” Butterfly again squealed with excitement.

“But I’m choosing truth,” Dev stated and she frowned at him.

“You’re very bad. I’m sorry, Eve, but he is bad.” She averted her eyes in anger and everybody laughed out at her cute antics.

“Butterfly, Dev is choosing Dare. Now happy?” As I told her, her eyes glinted with immense happiness and her lips drew up to a broad smile.

“Aww… you both are so cute.” Everybody uttered in unison.

“But I’m still choosing truth.” Dev stated and laughed evilly. I glared at him.

He loves to tease me.

My poor Butterfly!

“Okay, fine.” She made a sad pout and sat folding her arms across her chest.

“Which act of your girl turns you on the most?” Alex asked Dev and Eve raised her eyes in shock.

Everyone is evil here.

“Everything about my girl turns me on.” Dev gave a smart answer and kissed Eve’s hand, she shyly smile at him.

“But that’s the wrong answer, you have to tell one.” Butterfly uttered, catching everyone’s attention.

So she is back in the game with full enthusiasm.

“But it’s true everything about her turns me on.”

“Okay. So roll the bottle, Max.” She ordered him.

She has the power to make every Dom follow her command.

“Okay, Madam.” Max rolled the bottle and it stopped at Butterfly.

“I’ll choose Dare because I’m not afraid of it. Give me any Dare, I’ll do it. In college times, everyone used to give me the toughest dare to make me lose but I always perform it. They used to,”

So my Chatterbox is back.

“Butterfly, we understood.” I uttered, cutting her words.

Max spoke, “so we also gonna give you the toughest dare.”

“That’s what I want.”

They all started discussing her dare with each other.

“Have I spoken too much, Manik?” She asked me in a whispering tone.

“You’re my Butterfly, you’re a free bird. You can speak how much you want.” I answered her lovingly and a bright smile flashed on her face. She pecked my lips.

Seriously I like my chatterbox Butterfly. Earlier when I had given her punishment to be silent, I felt so incomplete without listening to her euphoric voice. That day I realised that I can’t take her silence.

“We have decided your Dare.” Alex announced, catching our attention. They all are smiling naughtily, scaring me that what Dare my evil friends are going to give to my Butterfly.

“Nandini, you have to spank your sweetie Master.”

What the hell! My eyes widened in utter shock.

“Come on, do it, do it.” Alex said and gave a high-five to Max. I’m shooting daggers at them.

“I’m not included in this,” Dev murmured to me to protect himself.

“Now do it, Nandini.” Max induced her and I scowled at him.

“What? We just wanted to give her a dare which she can’t do.” Max shrugged his shoulders.

“I’ll do it.” Butterfly uttered, catching everybody attention. They stared at her, stunned.

Why won’t she do this? She is dying to do this.

They have no clue that she did that before also. I hope she doesn’t tell them this.

A woman spanked the strictest Dom?

Do something, Manik. Protect your image.

She doesn’t even get scared of my punishments, what to do?

“Butterfly, don’t dare to this,” I warned her sternly in a low voice.

“But Manik, it’s about my reputation.” She murmured.

“And what about my reputation?” I asked, raising my brows.

Alex whooped, “Nandini, what happened? Do it.”

“Butterfly, you can pull my cheeks whenever you want if you don’t spank me now.” I instantly whispered in her ear before she could answer them.

Her eyes glinted with surprise. “Really?” She asked me in a disbelief tone and I nodded, having no other option.

Anyway, this isn’t a big deal for me as now I like when she pulls my cheeks, in fact, surprisingly I like whatever she does.

Butterfly’s P.O.V.

I just can’t believe that I can pull his cheeks whenever I want if today I refuse to do this dare.

That’s a great deal!

Either I wasn’t comfortable to spank him in front of his friends.

I showed Manik my thumb up before moving my eyes towards his friends.

“Guys, he is my Master. How can I spank him?” I asked them like an innocent submissive.

“So you’re giving up?” Alex asked and I nodded, pretending to be sad. But from inside for the first time, I’m on cloud nine after losing.

Now Max asked, “a few minutes back, you were saying that you’ll do any dare to win. Now, what happened?”

How do I explain to them that sometimes to win we must lose something?

“Guys, don’t force her. She is a submissive and can’t spank her Master.” Eve explained them.

Now Lara spoke, “I second you. Don’t force her.”

They are so sweet!

“Thank you, guys.” I smiled, moving my eyes from Eve to Lara.

“Okay, fine. But now you’re out of the game, Nandini.” Alex stated and I gave her a slight nod.

“Thank you.” Manik whispered in my ear and I just smiled at him.

“Don’t thank me because I didn’t spank you for this.” I pulled his cheeks, laughing. “Wow! Now I can do this in public also.” I squealed merrily and he just smiled at me.

Max rolled the bottle and it stopped at Lara. She chose truth.

“Could I ask?” I asked, raising my hand as suddenly a question for her popped into my mind.

“No, you’re out of the game.” Alex denied it, I pouted angrily at him.

“Manik, ask her what punishment of Max turns her on,” I whispered in Manik’s ear.

“Interesting question.” As he praised me, I smiled with self-pride.

“So Lara, what punishment of Max turns you on?” As Manik asked her, she smiled shyly before answering.

“When he delays my orgasm because at last when he finally gives me the orgasm, it’s incredibly pleasurable and intense.” She blushed hard after telling this.

It’s the truth.

Max whispered something in her ear before placing a soft kiss on her temple. She just beamed at him.

Next time the bottle stopped at Manik.

“So is it truth or dare?” I asked him excitedly.


“I want to ask you something.” As Eve uttered, we all moved our eyes to her.

“Go ahead,” Manik replied her.

“As we all can see that Nanz isn’t just your submissive, so what is she for you?” As she asked him, I stared at Manik with excitement.

He glanced at me before moving his eyes to his friends. “That’s the truth, she isn’t just my submissive, she is my butterfly who has magic in her eyes to hypnotise me,” he gazed deep into my eyes and continued, “only she has guts to command me and defy me. She took the best side out of me, the side which I wasn’t aware that it existed in me. She is the real joy and peace of my life. She is my shining star as she brightens up my life. She is the blessing of almighty to me.”

I just became speechless with his true confession in front of his friends and kissed him deeply and passionately after cupping his face, pouring my all love.

I fucking love him so much.

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