Love Story (Part : 56 First Night)

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Nandini’s words drove Manik crazy. She herself asked him to make her his forever. From the very first day , he wanted to make her his forever. He wanted to love every inch of her body and soul. He wanted to show her that how much he loved her. Tonight no power could stop him from loving and claiming his angel because she herself was giving him permission to love her and make her his forever.

He suddenly pulled her closer to himself holding her bare waist. She was taken a back by his sudden move. He leaned his head down and placed a kiss on her forehead. She closed her eyes in response and a shiver ran down her spine when his lips touched her skin. It was same scene which was in painting which Nandini had gifted to Manik. He then kissed on Nandini’s both eyelids while his one hand pulled down the dupatta from her head.

Nandini opened her eyes and looked deeply into his eyes. She found only and only love in his eyes. Whenever she looked into those black eyes , she forgot the whole world. She loved the way how he used to touch her soul with his eyes. She found her peace in those eyes.

He started coming close to her face. His one hand was on her face and other was on her waist. Nandini’s both hands were on his bare chest. His hot breath which was touching her face , that was driving her crazy and making her feel weak on her knees. She closed her eyes taking a deep breath and her nails scratched his chest when he touched his face with her face. She was feeling so good with his touch. He was rubbing his face with his face and her whole body was burning with desire.

His hand went upward leaving her waist. He unpinned her bun making her long and silky black hair fall on her back. He moved his face little away from her and both stared into each other eyes like they were loving each other through their eyes. Then he slowly moved closer to her face and placed a kiss on her cheeks. She closed her eyes in response and took a deep breath like she got her breath back with his kiss. She used to feel so good whenever his lips touched her skin. She used to feel like every cell of her body becoming alive with his touch. His touch was not less than a magic for her.

“You have no idea angel that What you are doing to me right now. Stop me now only if you want because afterward if you will stop me then also I will not able to stop myself.” He whispered cupping her face and she was listening him silently looking into his eyes.

“I will never stop you because You have complete right on me. I am all yours Manik. Nandini is all yours.” She spoke looking straight into his eyes. Manik smiled slightly listening her words. Then he picked her in his arms making her looked at him shockingly and she found him smiling at her.

“Don’t I have right to take my wife in my arms?” He asked raising his eyebrows and pulled her more close to himself. His touch was making her crazy. For the first time , she came so close him. She could hear his heartbeat which already became her favourite music. It was giving peace to her heart and soul.

“I am waiting for the answer angel ?” She lost herself in his arms and then his words brought her back on the earth.

“Yes.. you have right to take me in your arms. I have already told you Manik that I am all yours.” Her words came out like a whisper. She encircled her arms around his neck and rested her head on his chest closing her eyes. She was feeling so secure and safe in his arms. She found her home in his arms.

She had never thought that she would ever able to feel safe in someone’s arms again after Arjun betrayal. She was so happy and thankful to god for sending a person like Manik in her life who was healing her deep wound which nobody had seen before. He was making her dead soul alive. She had forgotten how to love and how to live life. Now he was teaching her how to love and live life again. He was healing her slowly slowly.

Manik was taking her toward bed holding her fragile body in arms. His eyes were just looking at his beautiful angel. It was one of his dream to hold his angel in his arms like this. He wanted to store in his arms forever and ever. And When she was saying that she was all his , her those words were giving peace to his heart and soul. He felt so good to hear those words.

He gently placed her on bed which was covered with rose petals. They passed each other small smile. Then Manik laid down beside her on his one side. They were just looking into each other eyes without blinking their eyes. Their eyes were filled with love. They were kissing and loving each other soul through their eyes.

“You are looking so beautiful in this bridal dress Mrs. Nandini Malhotra but now I have to free you from this heavy wedding dress.” He came above and said huskily coming close to her face. She shut her tightly getting shy listening his words. He smiled broadly seeing her reaction and kissed her eyelids.

His hands carefully unpinned the mang tikka from her hair and put it on one side of her. He smiled seeing the vermilion in the middle of hair which made him remind that the girl who was lying under him , she was his wife. He gently kissed her head and then forehead while his hands caressed her face softly.

“This sindoor is making you look more beautiful angel.” He whispered near to her lips and she opened her eyes listening his words. She smiled and he smiled back.

He removed her both earnings gently and carefully and put it with the mang tikka. Nandini was just lying under him with her eyes closed. Their proximity was driving her crazy. He started kissing each and every inch of her face after removing the nose ring. She was feeling like his lips were doing some kind of magic on her skin. She was melting down with his every kiss. He was making her feel alive with those kisses and she was feeling so good. She didn’t want him to stop. Kissing her jawline, he reached toward her neck. Nandini moved her face upward and arched her neck to give him complete excess to her neck.

He smiled looking at her before attacking on her neck. He started kissing her neck making her feel so good. Her one hand was playing with his silky black hair and other was on the bed playing with soft rose petals. He was taking her in heaven with those kisses. She moaned his name clutching his hair and bed sheet with rose petals when he gave a love bite on her neck marking her his. It was the first love bite given by Manik to her and she felt so good. He sucked that area to soothe the pain and she was just moaning lying under him.

“Hope I didn’t hurt you.” He whispered looking at her and she instantly nodded her head in no after opening her eyes.

“You can never hurt me Manik.” She spoke confidently looking into his eyes and he smiled listening her words. He moved his face upward and gently kissed her forehead.

He removed all the necklaces only leaving the mangalsutra and the pendant which he had gifted her. Then he started removing bangles from her hands while kissing every inch of her wrist, palm , finger , back of her palm and her arms. Nandini was just enjoying the touch of his lips on her skin. Her henna filled hand were looking more beautiful. He removed all the rings from her fingers except their engagement ring.

“You should go and change your clothes.” He spoke lying down beside her on his one side. Nandini eyes shot up listening his words.

“Manik…” she wanted to ask him that why did he stop but nothing was coming out from her mouth. She was completely blank at that time. Manik understood that what she wanted to ask so he himself started explaining her.

“Angel I know you will never stop me. Even you want me to continue further but I don’t want this to be happened now. I don’t want you to start doubting my love after this that I married because..” he gave a pause and then continued.

“I want you to trust me completely first. I don’t want to spoil our relationship by rushing the things. I am your husband that doesn’t mean I got certificate to do anything with you. I was waiting to marry you desperately not because I wanted all this. I just want to be with you twenty four hours. I want to fall asleep seeing your face every night and want to start my morning after seeing your face. Nandini take your time. I will wait for the day when you will confess your love. That day nobody can stop me from making you mine.” Manik spoke whatever was going in his mind at that time.

Nandini was just looking at him unbelievably. Nandini had given herself to him completely but then too he stopped himself because he didn’t want her to regret afterward. He knew her better than she knew herself. He knew that she didn’t trust him completely that’s why she didn’t confess her love yet. She was still afraid to love somebody blindly and completely. He knew that she would doubt his love in future if he would rush the things fast. That’s why he wanted to go slow and wanted to give her complete time to get heal and trust him completely. Her wounds were deep which would take time to get heal and he knew this.

“And I am sure.. that day is not too far when I will completely trust you. You know now it is looking impossible to trust you completely but I am sure I will trust you completely one day. Because before it was looking impossible to be happy again in my life even but you brought happiness in my life. Moving on was impossible for me. You are making everything possible which were impossible for me a month ago. Thank you.” She thanked him and just hugged him tightly hiding her face in his bare chest. Manik hugged her back wrapping his hands around her and pulled her more closer to himself. She snugged in his arms.


Zoya was waiting for Adi from twenty minutes but he didn’t come back. She was roaming in her room worriedly and trying to find a way which could make Adi feel better. She didn’t even change her clothes yet. At last she went to see him. After reaching there , she found him sitting outside of room putting his one leg on another leg. She ran toward him and called him standing in front of him. Adi raised his head and looked at her.

“Adi why are you sitting here ? Get up come with me.” Zoya leaned down and said trying to make him get up holding his shoulder. But Adi was sitting there like a statue and he was not even moving.

“Adi… get up.” Zoya showed him her eyes and shouted.

“Zoya you go. I will not come with you. I will protect my daughter. If she doesn’t want to sleep with her daddy then too it is my duty to protect my princess.” Adi spoke stubbornly and tried to removed Zoya’s hands. She was just staring at him. It was seemed like she would start crying next moment. But she knew that she couldn’t fall weak. She had to handle her husband. But his condition was making her weak.

“Adi please stop doing this. Muskan is safe now. We both are here to protect her. We will not let anything happen to her. Why aren’t you understanding that by doing this you will get nothing. Adi you are hurting me by doing this. Please for me , come with me. For the sake of our love get up and come with me.” Zoya spoke and tears trickled down her cheeks. Seeing his Zoya in pain , Adi immediately stood up and his hands wiped her tears.

“I am sorry. I didn’t want to hurt you. I just only want to protect my daughter. I am afraid to lose her. Whenever she go away from me , my mind started to think that she is in some kind of danger. What to do Zoya ? I am going crazy.” Adi cried saying this and turned his face on another side dejectedly. Zoya pursed her lips to control her cries seeing his condition.

“I am there with you Adi. Everything will be fine. You are not alone Adi. I am always there for you.. always.” Zoya wiped off her tears with the back of her palm and composed herself taking a deep breath. Then she spoke cupping his face and made him look into her eyes. Her thumb was wiping his tear constantly.

“Help me Zoya please.. please help me.” Adi begged for the help in front of his wife and started crying badly. Zoya immediately took him in her arms and she too cried hugging him tightly. He immediately hugged her back and cried like a small baby in her arms. Zoya hands were constantly rubbing his back to calm him down. Her heart was breaking inside seeing him in pain.


Zoya walked inside holding Adi’s hand. She locked the door and stood in front of him. Adi was standing bowing his head down sadly. She composed herself taking a deep breath. She cupped his face and made him look at her. She started kissing every each of his face.

“I am with you.” With every kiss she was saying this. She was sucking his all tears and taking his all pain away from him.

“Until we are together. We won’t let anything happen to our daughter.” She said before capturing his lips. She started sucking his lips and waited for him to respond. After a minute he started responding to her kiss. His hands grabbed her bare waist and pulled her toward himself. They deepen the kiss and didn’t stop until they didn’t become breathless.

“I need you.” He whispered as they broke the kiss. Zoya blinked her eyes. She led him toward the bed holding his hand. She pushed him on the bed. She opened the knot of her lehenga making it fall down. After stepping out from it. She came above him and slammed his lips with her lips . He kissed her grabbing her hair. Her hands pulled down his lower with the boxer and then she pulled down her inner while kissing him. They broke the kiss and looked deeply into each other eyes. She set him on her entrance.

“I am always with you Adi. I love you. And It hurts a lot to see you in pain.” Saying this she started to take him inside her looking into his eyes. It was hurting her but she could do anything to take away his pain. She knew that only her love could heal him because love has power to conquer all the pain.

She hugged him tightly and took him deep inside her. He hugged her back. She moved up and down shutting her eyes tightly and hugging him tightly. Tears were rolling down from her eyes to her cheeks. She was just praying from god to make her husband fine. She couldn’t see him in more pain. After few minutes Adi flipped their position. Now he was on top of her and he was still inside her. He confessed his love and she confessed her love. After then he started kissing her lips like he was hungry from ages and thrust her harder and deeper.

To be continued

The night haven’t ended yet. There is lot more store.

So how do find the update?

How do you find Manan first night ?

Manan or Adiya😂. I know bad question.

Love Mehak


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