(Part : 23) Inseparable Souls

Sid picked Sana into his arms and sauntered toward the bed which was kept on the terrace. Both were gazing in each other eyes like they were kissing each other souls through their eyes. He gently placed her down on the bed. He pulled his t-shirt over his head and came over her after tossing it on the floor. Her heart was racing and breath was becoming uneven.

“Are you ready for this, baby?” He asked, looking in her eyes deeply.

“I’ve been waiting for this night ever since I fall in love with you. Forget everything and just make me yours forever and ever.” She whispered near to his lips, he smiled.

“I’m gonna make this night very special for you, angel.” He kissed her forehead after saying this and she closed her eyes, smiling blissfully.

“This is our special night.” She whispered, looking in his eyes and captured his lips after pulling him closer to herself by encircling her arms around him. They were kissing each other her lips softly and gently like they were kissing each other souls but soon it turned passionate and wild. They broke the kiss for a second and he hastily pulled over her top from her head. After throwing it on floor, he again captured her lips.

Sana suddenly pushed Sid and straddled him after coming over him. “Just close your eyes and feel the touch of my lips over your body, Sidharth.” She whispered after sucking his lips. As he closed his eyes, she gently kissed his eyelids, then his forehead, cheeks, jawline, after kissing every inch of his face, she came to his chest, trailing kisses on his neck and her hands were roaming on his bare stomach. Sid was in heaven, she was making his each and every dead cell alive with her kiss. He was feeling like she was not only kissing his body, she was kissing his soul. He was melting down with her kisses. He was feeling so content and peaceful. He was roaming his hand all over her back, sending chills down her spin. He unhooked her bra and moaned loudly, grasping her hair firmly as she gave him a love bite on his chest.

He flipped their position, now he was on top her. “Now my turn, baby.” He whispered, she blushed and after pecking her lips, he attacked toward her neck. She arched her back in response, giving him full access to her neck. While kissing and nibbling her neck, he hastily removed her bra and start massaging and kneading her twins, making her moan. His every kiss was arousing her desire. Her body was on fire, he was driving her crazy.

He was gazing her twins, his eyes filled with desires. “I’m gonna mark this your beautiful tits mine today.” He looked up at her and whispered, his voice was intense and husky. Her breathing quickened as the goosebumps rose on her skin after listening to his words. He first gently kissed her both the twins, her body was shivering under him with his gentle kisses. After a moment, she was moaning, tucking his hair because he was chewing and sucking her one twin and massaging the other one. She moaned loudly, clenching his hair as he bit her one nipple with his teeth and at the same time, he pinched the other one with his thumb and forefinger.

“They are so amazing and soft, baby. I can suck them whole night without getting bore.” He murmured, looking up at her. She flushed, listening to his words. He again attached toward her twins.

After getting satisfied from them, he started placing kisses allover her tummy while his hand undid her jeans button and zipper. He was kissing her waist gently while pulling down her jeans. He kissed her milky thighs, she was just breathing heavily and enjoying his heavily touch of his lips all over body. She was feeling like he was making her alive with his every kiss.

“You’re so heavily beautiful, angel.” He whispered, coming above her face. She opened her eyes and for a moment, both got lost into each other eyes. After kissing her lips lovingly, he again came down. He removed last piece of her clothing which was her undies.

He inhaled the fragrance of her by bringing her undies near his nose. “You smell so amazing, baby.” She was just flushing, looking at him.

“Get ready for the real fun, baby.” Saying this, he leaned down. He pulled her legs wide open by holding her thigh and blew the air on her inner thigh. She took a deep breath and shivered as his breath caressed her the most sensitive place. He gently rubbed her inner thigh with his hand, she shut her eyes and clenched the mattress. For the first somebody’d touched her there. It was the foreign feeling but she was loving it.

“You’re so wet baby.” He whispered, rubbing her slowly and gently. “Do you like it baby?” He asked, looking up at her and increased the speed of his hand.

“Just don’t stop.” She moaned, her eyes closed. He was now rubbing her vigorously and rapidly, looking at her. She screamed, clutching the mattress as he suddenly started sliding his one finger inside her slowly while still rubbing her with his other hand. “Take it easy baby.” He was pushing the finger deep inside her, breaking her all the wall. He moved his finger in and out slowly first, then increase the speed. She was now throwing her head and moaning with the pleasure. Knots start forming in her stomach and her legs were almost shaking, but suddenly he stopped.

She looked at him bemusedly after opening her eyes. “I want you to release when I’ll be inside you.” He whispered, coming above her face.

“Sidharth, this feels so good. Just do it fast, I just can’t wait more.” She whispered and he smirked, seeing his desperate baby.

He kissed her lips lovingly. “Even I just can’t wait to claim you.” He kissed her forehead and stood up to remove his jeans and boxer. She was staring at him shyly. As he removed his boxer, his junior sprung out. She bit her lower lip and closed her eyes cutely, getting shy. He grinned, seeing her reaction.

He came over again, her eyes still closed. She could feel his hardness against her belly. This was turning her more. “Open your eyes baby.” He commanded, she complied by opening her eyes instantly.

“I want you to look into my eyes when I’ll claim you.” She gave a slight nod and he smiled before kissing her forehead. He entwined his hands with her hands and pinned her hand on the mattress, positioning himself on her. “Are you ready baby?” He asked, looking deeply into her eyes. She nodded her head, her heart was racing. Finally the moment came, she was desperately waiting for. She screamed loudly, digging her nails in his hands as he slid inside her deeply in one go. Tears trickled down from her eyes mechanically. “Just take it easy, baby.” He gave her time to adjust and drank away her tears. She felt pain but more than the pain, she felt so complete and full after feeling him inside her. She was breathing heavily, staring in his eyes.

“I love you, baby.” He kissed all over her face and started moving out slowly. She screamed again with the pain as he again slid inside her deeper. Tears of getting complete and at the same time tears of pain both were rolling down from her eyes which he was drinking by sucking her cheeks. He was moving slowly inside her. She wrapped her legs around his torso to take him deeper inside her. She was feeling so good and complete. He increased the speed and soon they both climaxed together. He finally claimed her, making her his forever and always. The dark memories of her past finally left her utterly. Tonight, she became his and only his. Today they completed each other and became inseparable soul. As he started moving out of her, she hugged him tightly, taking him deep inside her again by wrapping her arms and legs around him and didn’t let him go out of her. “Just stay like this for few minutes. I want to feel you. This feels so good. I’m feeling so complete.” She uttered, having smile on her face. He hugged her back, feeling so peaceful. She took away his all insecurities by submitting herself to him utterly tonight. It was the feeling of contentment, complete satisfaction. The sky full of stars witnessed their true love.

After sometime, he cradled her into his arms and pulled the comforter over them. “Thank for this beautiful night.” He thanked her and kissed her forehead. Both were feeling complete and content. They were having a blissful smile on their face. “I love you.” She whispered, coming close to his lips and they kissed each other, pouring their all the love.

“Hope, I didn’t hurt you.” He asked after breaking the kiss, she was lying above him on her front and their bodies were covered with white duvet. He was stroking her cheek with his thumb and his one hand was wrapped her around her firmly.

“You can never hurt me. It was your love. I can’t even describe in words how I felt. I felt so complete and satisfied. I love you.” After this, she rested her head over his chest and placed a kiss there. She smiled blissfully, listening to his soothing heartbeat.

He entwined his hand with her hand. “You know, today you took away my all insecurities. I know now, you will never leave me. I trust you. Thank you for submitting yourself to me and taking away my all insecurities with your love. I love you Shehnaaz, I love you a lot, baby.” He placed so many tender kisses on her hand. She was just smiling against his chest contentedly . She was so happy. It was best night of her life which she would never forget. They both fell asleep under the sky full of stars after spending most beautiful night of their life.

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