(Part : 33) Inseparable Souls

Sana and Abhi also heard the truth. Abhi rushed behind Noor. Sana strolled toward Sid, crying badly because the truth broke down her completely. Her heart was aching badly, thinking that how much her love had suffered. Her heart was paining more, seeing him crying badly, sitting on floor. She was not understanding, how to console him. She just wanted to take alway his all the pain. She was now understanding that why Sid was not ready to accept her, why it was getting so difficult for him to trust her and why he wanted to keep their relationships secret. Everything got crystal clear to her now.

She knelt down before him. “Sid-Sidharth.” She placed her hand over his shoulder. As he heard her voice, he pulled her into his arms and hugged her firmly. He started crying more badly making sound like a small kid. She hugged him back and let him cry as much as he wanted. She was also shedding silent tears. She wanted to take away his all the pain. Her heart was crying badly because his condition was clearly showing that how much pain he had suffered. She’d also suffered a lot in her past, but the most painful moment of her life was this when she came to know, how much her love had suffered. Seeing your beloved in pain is most painful thing.

“Shehnaaz, I couldn’t able to save my little sister. She-she died and suffered so much because of me, I’m very bad brother and also a bad friend. It was all my fault, she suffered because of me. I-I wanted to give her all happiness, but what she got, only pain, and pain. They used her to hurt me, it was all my fault.” Sidharth was whimpering, hiding his face in Shehnaaz’s chest like a small baby who is crying, hugging her mother. He was in a miserable condition. She hated a lot when he used to blame himself.

“Sidharth, please, it wasn’t your fault.” She said, cupping his face after breaking the hug forcefully.

“No-No, it was my fault, it was my fault.” He blabbering like a crazy person while crying. “I couldn’t able to save my little sister, she suffered because of me, it was all my fault, they used her to make me suffer. What was her mistake, Shehnaaz?” He asked, staring at her like a helpless kid. She closed her eyes dejectedly and fresh tears fell down from her eyes.

“No one was at fault, it was god’s wish. You tried your best to save your sister, you were a great brother. Just stop blaming yourself, please, Sidharth.” She tried her best to make him understand, but he was not ready to listen her words, he was just blaming himself.

“No, it was my..”before he could say something more, Shehnaaz shut his mouth by capturing his lips, because she didn’t find any other way to make him quiet. Her heart was breaking more when he was blaming himself, that’s why she just started kissing him. She knew, her love is the only medicine of his every wounds. She sucked his upper lip and he responded her with in a second by sucking her lower lip. Tears were constantly trickling down their cheeks and the kiss was working as a ointment on Sid’s wounds. Sana  just wanted to take away his all pain through this kiss and she was getting successful also because he deepened the kiss by clasping her face, this clearly showed that he got lost in the kiss, forgetting about his all pain.

They broke the kiss after full ten minutes, both were looking into each other eyes intensely, panting.

“Thank you.” He just thanked her for

everything, for taking him out of the darkness, for supporting her, for trusting him, for facing all his tantrums and specially for healing him with her love. She didn’t say anything, just kissed his forehead as a promise that she would be always there for him. Both were silently gazing in each other eyes and then they touched their forehead with each other to get peace. He was feeling much better after the kiss and the peace he was getting with her, it was making him forget about his all pain. This was the magic of love which made him normal in few minutes.

“Sana.” They came back on the earth after listening Abhi’s shout. They looked at the direction from where his shout came. Abhi was striding toward them, they stood up.

Abhi looked at Sidharth, having pain in his eyes, then he moved his eyes at Sana. “Sana, Noor is not opening the door.” He told her anxiously.

“Relax bhai, we’ll do something. She would be fine.” She blinked her eyes at him, he gave her a slight nod.

After that they all rushed inside to check Noor.

“Bhabhi, please open the door.” Shehnaaz was knocking the door. Abhi and Sid were standing there worriedly.

“Bhai, Mr. Gill keeps spare keys of all the rooms,  bring the spare key of this room, fast.” As Shehnaaz said to Abhi, he instantly rushed toward his father’s room to get the key.

“Bhabhi, please open the door.” She knocked the door and then looked at Sid helplessly who was already looking at her sadly.

“I shouldn’t have told the truth to Noor, again because me all this happened.” Sana frowned as he again blamed himself.

“Sidharth, I’m seriously warning you this time, if you blame yourself for anything after this, you will see worst side of me.” She warned him sternly. He became quiet instantly after listening to her words. He was not expecting these words from her, but seriously her words shut Sidharth Shukla’s mouth.

“I am sorry.” He murmured, she shook her head in disbelief because still he apologised from her without any mistake.

After that Abhi came back with the spare key and they rushed into the room as he open the door. They sighed with relief when they found Noor all well, sitting on the bed.

“Thank god, you’re fine.” Abhi rushed toward her and hugged her tightly, but they all got shocked when Noor didn’t react, she was staring straight towards the wall.

“Noor, look at me, please say something.” Abhi cupped her face after breaking the hug, but still Noor didn’t respond. From Sana’s eyes, a lone tear trickled dow her cheek, seeing Noor’s condition. Sid placed his hand on her shoulder after seeing tear in her eyes. She moved her eyes at him, they were filled with pain. He squeezed her shoulder slightly and blinked his eyes, assuring her that Noor would be fine.

“Noor, now everything is fine and why are you sad now? It was a past and there was no fault of anyone in this, it was god’s wish.” Sid said same words which Shehnaaz’d said to him few minutes ago.

“You need to understand, whatever you’re thinking that you didn’t trust me, I suffered because of you.” He paused for a second. “You’re thinking utterly wrong, because you were not in a state to trust me that time, but I’m very happy because now you trust me, you trusted me after what I had done with you in past. I’m happy to get my best friend back.” He placed his hand on her hand, sitting on floor beside her bed. Whatever he said, he said from his heart. He was really happy after knowing that she trusted him. Noor moved her eyes at him, her eyes were filled with pain.

Sid gave her a small smile and she started sobbing. Abhi was about to run to console her, but Sana stopped him by holding his hand, because she wanted that Sid should console her. Because to get back normal, they needed to talk and share everything with each other.

“You were my best friend, I should have trusted you, no one was with you, you go to jail and no one was there for you to support you. You were forced to betray us, but we betrayed you willingly.” Noor cried out what was going in her heart and mind. Her words brought tears in everybody’s eyes.

“Noor is right, Sid, we should have trusted you.” Now Abhi said guiltily, Sid closed his eyes dejectedly after listening to their words. He was not understanding how to explain them that there was no fault of them in this, it was god’s wish.

“You both were not at the fault, I suffered, because it was god’s wish, it was not your mistake Abhi.” He explained Abhi, looking at him.

“It was not even your fault, Noor.” He moved his at her. “It was not even my mistake, god had planned all this and I am really happy to get you both back.” He smiled at her. Sana was feeling proud of him after listening to his words, she was feeling like she is seeing a dream because how Sid was explaining Noor and Abhi was unexpected for her. She was happy.

Noor didn’t say anything, she just hugged Sid tightly and he hugged her back, having blissful smile on his face. He was blessed to get his best friends back. He’d never thought that he would get his friends back after what he’d done with them, but it happened only because of Shehnaaz. She was really an angel of his life who brought back all the happiness in his life.

Noor was also happy to get her best friend back. Like before she was feeling comfortable in his arms, the touch which she hated, now that touch was giving her relief. They broke the hug after a minute and they both were smiling wholeheartedly at each other. Sid stood up and hugged Abhi also.

“I am sorry, Sid.” He apologised after breaking the hug, Sid gave him angry glares.

“After today, if you both ever talk about past or feel sorry for my past, then you would see my worst side.” He warned them like Shehnaaz’d had warned him. He gave a smile to her, saying her thank you through his eyes. It was vividly visible that what magic her words did on him. That magic is known as magic of true love.

“Really Sidharth, I’m so happy to get you back.” Noor stood up from bed and grinned at Sid.

“Fab three are back.”Sid said cheerily. Noor and Abhi, they together hugged him. They were happy to get their friends back. Shehnaaz was happiest, seeing love of her life and her small family happy. She was also happy because Sid got back what he’d lost in past.

“I think, you all forgot me.” Sana looked at them, making a fake sad pout.

“How can I forget you.” Sid sauntered toward her.

“You’re the only one who took me out of the darkness, who supported me, who loved me unconditionally, who taught me that how to live life again, who trusted me blindly and today you gave my friends back . You are really an angel of my life and my happiness. No one can separate us because you are not the part of my life, you are my life.” He clasped her face and they were gazing at each other, having so much love in their eyes. With his words he was telling her that what she was for him. Sana just hid her face in his chest and clutched his shirt because he made her speechless with his words. He hugged her back, having blissful smile on his face. Noor and Abhi were smiling at them, admiring their true love.

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